May 13, 2012

Easy Home Decor

In my current home there is no room to build a walk in pantry which i have always wanted. So after I received a new item for my kitchen I flipped of excitement. It is a 3 rack shelf given to me by my father in-law the day before mothers day. This item I have been wanting since forever I'll tell you the reason down below. 

Random Fact: I am obsessed with the Food Network and Cooking Channel

On the Food Network there is a show called Chopped and it is one of my favorite shows on this channel besides Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives (I love Guy Fiery!)
On Chopped, they show the most amazing pantry a Chef can dream of. The idea and inspiration came from this specific open pantry.

I tried to utilize the very small space I have and created a mini walk-in pantry. There is still more ideas I will like to incorporate into it but for now this is all i have. I will post an updated version of my kitchen when I am done. 

Privacy in my favorite place of the house was a must in this new arrangement. So I decided to use a divider that I bought from Amazon to make the kitchen a bit more exclusive. By closing the walkway this gave me more room for storing things behind the divider without exposer and clutter. 
This also gives the dinning area more privacy to enjoy meals without having to feel like they are in the kitchen.

 This was just a teeny change that made a huge difference in this space. I hope you all enjoyed this post. For more fun ideas and random pictures follow me on GifBoom and Instagram NYTrendyMoms

Hip hip hurray for more awesomeness!

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