September 24, 2012

5:01 pm

Happy Monday Trenders!
Here's a little inspiration to start off your week.

The title to me is intriguing, 5:01, Work attire with a happy hour twist. 

You guys have seen me wear these pants before. They're from H&M, they were meant for my husband but ended up fitting me. I bought this blazer in H&M as well a few months ago and it's one of those pieces that never get old. 

The outfit to me screamed out too safe so I decided to give it some leopard love with a thrifted scraf worn as a belt.

Watch: Michael Kors
Top: Express   Blazer: H&M   Necklace: Vintage
Caption this picture:)

Shoes: Tory Burch

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it. 


  1. Gorgeous outfit, looks so classy!! and that is so awesome that you fitted your husbands pants!

  2. I love it, definitely something I would wear. I love your style!


  3. 9to5 chic for real!!! You look great! Love the pants!


  4. I wish I could wear trousers as well as you.

  5. animal print at the office will get you fired. better to be a snitch than a cat meeowww

  6. Beautiful. Pants fit you your blog!! check out my store

  7. Loving those Tory Birch heels, so versatile! Loving the accessories how they all blended together from the necklace watch and the leopard scarf, beautiful.