September 22, 2012


Happy Saturday Trenders!!

Quote of the day 
"Confidence takes time to build" 

I'm so happy everyday I take a step forward with achieving my dreams. 
Not waiting for things to come to you is something I've learned these past few months. I'm truly blessed with all the amazing things that's been happening to me & for that I thank my wonderful and extremely supportive followers. Yesterday's ootd was inspired by the first day of Autumn which is today. This weather is very much like me, diverse. I feel like that's what sets me apart from every other mom, style or food blogger.  I now notice that not every person that follows me is a mom or a woman, that's pretty cool if you ask me.  

I always get asked about my style. I've never been able to really describe it, It's way too diverse to be put in words. My style has weekly mood swings, is that normal?

Yesterday I was booked to shoot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I got there a bit early so decided to shoot my ootd in the meantime.

This super cute skirt is from Martin+Osa is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe this fall. I love how different you can style it. These are the pieces I tend to spend the most money on. Pieces that I know I'll be wearing over and over year round.

I originally wanted to wear the sweater I wore on one of my first ootd post Knit Fever. Then changed my mind when I found this top I bought from ASOS. I love the colors together, feels like fall.

Lately I've been over wearing high socks do to the chilly weather here in NY, and I love it. Don't you?
I wore these chelsea Crew 'tuson' lace up boots which are super comfy and the tiny heel adds a bit of femininity to the outfit. 

This bracelet is c/o HappyWrist by Itchelita.
 Itchelita is a great jewelry maker who designs cute and very affordable pieces for your everyday styling.  I love informing my readers about cool sites like Itchelita's etsy shop HappyWrist.
 She's offering 10% off to all my followers who enter TRENDYMOM when purchasing from her etsy shop.

We took advantage of the $1 oyster at Maison Premier & got shrimp cocktail on the house:)

Remember today's quote of the day "Confidence takes time to build"
 I really hope you all have an amazing weekend.. Toodles!


  1. realy cute clothes.
    love the shoes
    following you now


  2. Lovely....I truely enjoy all if your outfits and how u style your hair. I have long hair too and admire seeing yours look nice in every photo.

  3. love the contrast between the feminine outfit and the more boyish socks/boots!
    definitely following back :)

  4. Loved this! Hope you will follow my blog too ;)


  5. Love this! I especially like how u did the socks and boots!