August 5, 2013

Here's What's Trending

Before I start this post I just want to share a little something with you, friends. This past weekend I decided to take sometime to find myself. I sat down and wrote my priorities, the fears I need to overcome and my goals. By writing these things on a piece of paper it is like engraving them to your heart and soul. I truly believe anything is possible if you set your mind to it and never give up. Everyday can be a new beginning. Start today. 
I also wanted to take this moment to thank you for leaving comments on my social media accounts and for taking the time of your day to read my posts. It really means a lot to me. 

Now, Here's What's Trending!

As we get closer to Fall we start noticing New York's street style change. We are seeing more gray/brown and vivid blues this upcoming season. You might already have many pieces in your closet with these color hues but if you don't checkout my picks below. 

  1. Back in School?: These Mother Jeans are a great choice of skinny jeans if you are looking for some extra funk in your wardrobe and want to do it in the most toned down of ways. The black and white stripes at the ankle make it a perfect back-to-school piece. You can purchase these unique skinnies HERE.
  2. Mi Casa Tu Casa: We have been seeing these tee shirts everywhere this summer and I'm happy to say they will be staying on trend for a little longer. I love this one in specific because it is in Spanish and it says a saying that has been around for years 'My house is your house'. You can also be on trend by buying it HERE.
  3. Let Them Run: This French Connection dress is very Tibi but less expensive which I love. French Connection has been releasing great things lately. This dress features a skater skirt which enhances the curves of any woman. The print is the same as a button down shirt I bought a couple of weeks ago. Can you see the horses? Get yours today HERE.
  4. Laid Back: Being able to dress down while still look good and trendy is fairly easy to do with this BCBG Dress. The gray color is perfect to pair with a black motorcycle jacket or a light cardigan. The fact that this is a maxi high low dress makes it perfect for everyday moms who want to stay on trend as well as stay conservative. Find more colors HERE.
  5. The Button Down: We all know about those button downs that can only be worn with a blazer because they just don't look good without them. You won't have that problem with this BCBG Button down. This top is crazy beautiful. It reminds me a lot about the many times I looked in my husbands closet searching for a good button down, now I don't have to, ha! Find more details  HERE.
  6. Booted: If you love bootcut jeans these Lucky Brand Jeans were made for you! You don't ever know how good bootcut jeans look until you try them on. I am living proof of that.Get booted HERE.
  7. Stuck in the 50's: On my junior high school graduation I wore a 50's inspired polkadot dress. Back then I was really into the whole retro style. I'm glad slowly but shortly is coming back in trend. This color goes utterly well with gold accessories. Stay classy with this silk-looking Ralph Lauren ruffle skirt HERE.
  8. All Business: These type of skater skirts are one of my favorites. I love how the style is very feminine but the color has business written all over it. Last week I wore one HERE.  Buy this business trendy Theory Skirt HERE.
  9. The Perfect Match: My all time favorite type of shoe are pointed toe shoes. These Angelina pumps by Modern Vice are somewhere in between a sandal and a bootie, crazy right? Crazy beautiful! This Fall, brown will act as a neutral so start gathering those brown essentials like these shoes. Get these surreal heels HERE
  10. Over Flow: These One Teaspoon Wildwood Stevie pants from Asos are the definition of flowy. These bohemian pants can be dressed up or down. You can view more pictures/videos HERE.
  11. Royal: My pick for vivid blue is this dress from Baukjen. I love the color and style of the dress. I own a dress from Baukjen and I know the material is smooth and very comfortable. You can view it  HERE.

Thank you guys so much for reading this post. I hope it helps on your next trip to the mall. 


  1. Cute picks!! and I totally agree, it's always good to sit down and remember what the priorities are, it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day and lose our way... You have inspired me to review mine today :)


  2. I remember a seminar I was once in where a student gave a mini presentation on how to set about on overcoming an obstacle in life: she suggested that we first write down our fear and keep distilling it to its core. Once we were there, we would write the "next actionable step" and so on ...

    Couldn't help but think of that when reading this. There's a great amount of power in writing something down and also in speaking a wish out loud.

    Oh, Ivory Blog

    p.s. looove those heels! I'm a fan of pointy heels myself :)