July 15, 2014



Happy Tuesday guys!
I'm so sorry for not being able to post these past few days. I have been working on a few things and cannot wait to share more details with you soon. Here's a hint* I promised myself that I will travel more often and that is what I'm going to do.

Last week I purchased a few items from Zara's sale (which is still going on). I think I went a little overboard but then again, these are pieces that I will be wearing throughout the year. One thing I've learned about being an expert shopper is seasonal shopping, you know, buying 'off season' items that are on sale and wearing them at the appropriate time. You've probably seen this biker jacket I also got as well, and I cannot wait for the colder days to come.

I got this trench coat in the pile of items I ranked on the sale. I guess you can call it a super light jacket. Perfect for Spring and Fall. I thought It would be the perfect cover up for this tank and shorts combo. I've always loved wearing a jacket or a blazer over my shoulders, it gives me a 'wonder woman' feel with a cape:) I love adding a bit of masculinity to my looks and this straight fitted jacket does just that. The addition of these shorts adds a hint of femininity with the white daisies which certainly complete the look.

I also got these shoes which are a super statement. In the beginning of the year we heard this trend approaching and I finally got my plated item. These shoes would go perfect with a simple all black or all white outfit. How would you wear these?

Now let's talk about these Silk Paradise necklaces. I've gotten so many questions about them and why I wore both at the same time. Well, who wants to be ordinary right? I love stepping out of the box, and sometimes out of my comfort zone to discover new trends. I know I didn't create this 'double necklace thing' but not many think of wearing two statement pieces at once, some think it's too risky, I say do it! There's nothing better than being different, unique and thinking outside the box.


necklaces: Silk Paradise  |  top: n/a  |  jacket & shoes: Zara  |  shorts: Charlotte Russe (similar here, here, here)     |  bag: Gucci

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