June 8, 2015

My experience with FlatRate Moving


We all know how stressful moving can be and if you're like me, a person who likes everything to run smoothly at-all-times.. then this process becomes even more stressful.

My family and I don't move very often. Yet, when my husband and I agreed on expanding our family, we knew it was time to expand our home as well. Searching for homes in NYC is the biggest hassle and nail-biting process specially when you have kiddos. We set our eye on a home two months ago and after countless meetings and sleepless nights.. we got the place!

The house was in the worst shape imaginable yet we saw the bigger picture and decided to make a few cosmetic changes which took weeks to complete. It turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself

I'll be sharing home photos soon.

 Many of you know that I lived in Astoria all my married life and loved the place.. up until the young millennials started moving in. Not that I have anything against them considering I am one.. but it became a little unsafe to walk to-and-from my in-laws house after 10pm without running into a group of drunk college kids and a pond of cigarettes in front of the bars in Ditmars.

It was all a bittersweet goodbye. However, I love new beginnings and totally see myself loving our new location as well.


This entire process wouldn't have ran smoothly without the help of FlatRate Moving
From the minute I got on the phone with them, a huge weigh was lifted off my shoulders. 
I booked the service last minute (as with most things) and was able to set everything up without a problem.

FlatRate Moving provides dozens of services for it's customers that it is impossible not to feel special. From boxing things, to taking all your unused/unwanted items and sending them to the Salvation Army. This is a new UPCYCLE program that FlatRate is currently offering completely free to all customers. As a mother and Fashion blogger this is something I really loved since I receive so many new things which I either wear once or I simply leave in my closet and completely forget about. My girls also had a ton of unused items which no longer fit them and this was the perfect opportunity to donate them. 

The day before the move I got a phone call from their wonderful customer service team to confirm all the details and inventory. The day of the move, FlatRate Moving arrived on schedule which I thought was very professional giving the fact that NYC traffic is no joke. My truck came equipped with 3 lovely men who wrapped my TV's, glass tables, mirrors etc. Put my beds apart and back together in my new home. These guys were so helpful, and careful with our boxes unlike other services I used before. They even removed my front door to ensure my newly painted white walls didn't get dirty, I thought that was really sweet of them! Once everything was in the house they took their time putting the beds together to assure everything was done right. It's amazing that FlatRate Moving has been in NYC for over 20 years and they've maintained their service at its highest. 

I want to thank the entire FlatRate Moving team for allowing me to experience this excellent service. 


This post is a collaboration with FlatRate. As always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and collaborations that make NY Trendy Moms possible!