November 16, 2015

Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Thanksgiving

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Let the Holiday madness begin!! Starting with Thanksgiving-
Growing up, Thanksgiving was my favorite time of year. It was the time when my entire family gathered to enjoy a delicious feast, danced to great music, reminisce about old times and updated everyone on their current life. All this joy and comfort in someone else's home... Well, now that I'm older, own my own house and know how to cook, things have changed completely. 

There's no more going to Tia Yolanda's house. No more, 'hey, come over, I'm cooking'No more of that. Now it's all about.. "What are YOU cooking this year, Johnny?" "What time should I come over?" "Can I bring a few friends?".  I'm not sure when it became a-thing to throw these responsibilities at me, but apparently it's OK because I'm now an adult. Ekk

Prepping the house for the big dinner is one thing and prepping dinner itself is another. I have to plan ahead even when it comes to outfits for me and my daughters, of course. They love to estrenar new clothes and so do I. We love dressing for the occasion and wearing colors that mix in with the Holiday setting.


Let's skip the turkey, moro de guandules, and potato salad and let's jump right into everyone's favorite part of each dinner: dessert. 
When it comes to dessert I normally like to make pumpkin pie because it's traditional y no me empalaga. It's always a great choice because you have people who love sweets and some who can't have too much sugar. Therefore, I like to cater to all by making a sweet dessert and a pumpkin pie, which isn't too sweet. I'm going to be sharing the recipe for my pumpkin pie, which I make every year. 

You'll need:
1 12-oz can evaporated milk
1 15-oz can pure pumpkin puree
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 
2 eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt 
store-bought graham cracker pie crust or make your own

note: You can substitute the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves with 2 teaspoon of pumpkin spice mix. 

Preheat your oven to 425. 
Mix all the ingredients together and pour into the pie crust.
Bake for 10 minutes.
Reduce the temperature to 350 degrees and continue baking for 50 minutes.
Cool on a rack and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

Listo! This recipes is the easiest thing in the world and it's the most delicious! Happy Holidays! 

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