May 25, 2016

Caribbean Restaurant in Williamsburg || Pearls


Over the weekend my family and I visited a Williamsburg Caribbean restaurant for brunch called Pearls. Believe me when I say that finding good authentic, flavorful caribbean restaurants in New York City is a challenge. When ever I hear about a new Caribbean spot opening up, I always give it a try. Especially if people are raving about it! That's how I ended up here at Pearls.


Let me tell you a jerk chicken story:

I secretly have a sick obsession with Jamaican beef patties, to the point of looking for the best authentic patties in New York City! I travelled to one location in the Bronx around Arthur avenue and that had been my go-to place for patties for years. One day after ordering my patty, the owner offered me a piece of their special jerk chicken. I had never tasted jerk chicken before and decided to give it a try... and that was the beginning of my love for jerk chicken. The store closed down recently after being there for many many years. Nonetheless, I'm glad I found Pearls just in time to fulfill my jerk chicken crave.


When I visited Pearls I ordered a few things since I wanted to test the menu. I tried the jerk chicken (which was delicious with that amazing pepper sauce on the side) The skin was rubbed with a nice blend of spices and the chicken was perfectly cooked and super juicy on the inside. The chicken came with pickled slaw and rice and peas (which had a nice hint of coconut milk). What will bring me back is the bake and shark!! No doubt about it! OMG! I'm not kidding when I say, this was one of the best sandwiches I ever had!
I don't know if it was that I was starving when I tried it but it was so incredibly tasty! 

ok, ok.. let me back up a little and explain what it was.. The "Bake and Shark" is a sandwich for those who aren't familiar with it. It's fried shark meat in a soft bun with crispy pickled slaw. The sandwich is served with 4 sauces on the side; garlic, tamarind, pepper and mango chutney. The combination of textures and flavors were just perfect. Soft bun, crispy shark and tangy slaw.. my mouth is watering right about now.

On the side we ordered the Caribbean hash which is sweet potato hash. I loved it.

Now to wash down all that deliciousness.. we ordered a few of their special cocktails. You all know me too well, I went straight for the spicy option, the Hot Gyal: Lemon, Mike's Hot Honey and Mezcal. Heaven!! Their drinks are along with the caribbean music they play and the colorful decor. It's almost like being in a beautiful tropical island.

I loved how aside from offering traditional dishes they also had french toast and a few other American dishes. My daughters enjoyed the delightful french toast which came with caramelized bananas and mango maple syrup.


Would I come back?
The real question is... When will I be back? and the answer is next weekend!

New Favorite spot in Williamsburg. Must visit!

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