May 3, 2016

Get active with Brooklyn Boulders


When I first heard about Brooklyn Boulders a few months ago, I instantly thought "hmm, I need to get my family to do this. It'll be one thing off our bucket list!". Well, I finally was able to bring them to the Queensbridge location along with my friends. This is one of 4 locations across the US. Never in a million years would  I have thought that my family would become obsessed with this activity, including myself.

Brooklyn Boulders is now offering an amazing Kids Spring & Summer program which you can checkout here.


The Queensbridge location is right by the N/Q subway line (one stop away from Manhattan) which is really convenient for my family. 


When you walk in, you instantly notice the art around the facility. All the art is hand painted by the coolest artists around the world. 


 The space is fitting for people who are always on-the-go, like myself. There's an area where you can bring your laptop and work before/or after climbing.


Brooklyn Boulders offers a variety of activities to cater to everyones needs. They even have a yoga studio and workout area on the lower level. 


Upon our arrival we filled out a form for every climber and geared up- with the help of an instructor. This reminded me of when I went skydiving a few years ago. We wore a similar harness (brought back great memories).

Good thing the harness and climbing shoes were available because we didn't come prepared.


We then walked downstairs to the climbing area. Since it was our first time climbing we started by practicing the 'fall' on a small wall with a cushioned floor. This was the perfect opportunity for the girls to practice before we moved on to the bigger area. 


We all got the main steps pretty quickly and decided to move on to the larger walls (ahh).  

If you'd like to climb on your own without your kids, you totally can! They have a closed area for your kids to hangout (if they chose not to climb).


I wont lie, It took me a while to fully understand that you're supposed to follow one color along, that's the challenge. I thought climbing was about reaching the top (and it is, if you're just doing it for fun) but, if you want to get a real good workout.. climb-up following one color only. I dare you!

At the end I did and it was the best full body workout I've ever done!


In the back of the facility there is a pingpong table which is a staple in BkB).


My family and I had a great time!! We cannot wait to go back. 

Be sure to checkout for more information.

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