March 11, 2017

New Art Class Collection At Target


It's nearly impossible not to get excited when Target releases a new kids collection. Leanne and Zareena are always first in line to select fun pieces to add to their closet when new releases are announced. We were finally able to get our hands on a few pieces from the popular Art Class Collection. Today, Leanne is wearing the top, denim jacket, chocker set, bag and floral skirt from the Art Class Collection.

We can all agree that as time passes by Target's new collections get better and better. & of course that makes my family so happy. Not only because the prices are so low but also because you don't have to sacrifice style or quality. When my daughters saw the items for the first time they loved nearly every piece. You probably already know they're very outspoken about their styles so when I told them to answer a few questions about their favorite pieces from the Art Class Collection they were thrilled. Be sure to read it here.



These adorable shoes are from



Zareena is wearing a dress from the Art Class Collection. She chose to accessorize it with a neck scarf around her waist.


I hope you all loved todays post. Have a great weekend! 

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