June 27, 2018

Say Hello To My Little Friend


The wait is finally over! Baby James has arrived! 

I can't even begin to express my feelings towards this little human whom I just met yet feel like I've known my whole life. He is incredibly precious and I feel extremely lucky to be his mama. I don't want to give anything away since I really want to write my birth story but I will tell you this much, he is the new love of my life.


We were released from the hospital yesterday and I couldn't wait to share with you guys my outfit details. I received so many compliments as I headed out that I knew this was one to share with my social friends. 


A few weeks prior to my due date I shopped around for what I thought was the perfect 'getting-out-the-hospital outfit'. Everything I found didn't fit properly and didn't feel right. I knew I wanted a dress since after surgery I wasn't going to be able to wear pants. So I basically did what anyone would do in my place. I found something that was cute and extremely comfortable. and what's more comfortable than pj's?

That's right. I ended up leaving the hospital in a super cute/summery Ralph Lauren oversized pajama shirt and simple white H & M sneakers. It looked like a casual dress. No one even noticed it was meant to be worn to sleep.

What do you think?
Did I pull it off? or would you be able to tell it's pajamas :)


Say hello to the newest member of the NYTM team.
James Zion, born June 22nd.
7 Pounds 15 ounces.


  1. I absolutely did not notice that it was a PJ ! Só elegant ! Love this cute and comfortable outfit! He's so precious! So so cute! God bless you both and the others members of your little family!

    1. Right!? I wish I picked it up in a few different colors. I could live in it all Summer long.
      Thank you so much I can't believe how completely obsessed with him we all are.. haha.