June 12, 2018

Somebody Loves You

Hello there, welcome back.
After weeks of resting (and nesting) with no content on the blog I finally feel better and have a clear mind to write/share stories with you once again.

So much has happened in these past few weeks that have really changed me. I'll start with the good news; Baby James is still hanging in there but should be arriving next week. Surprisingly the closer I get to my delivery date the better I feel. Maybe it's the excitement of finally seeing him, holding him in my arms and of course the excitement of getting back to my workout routine which I've been missing very much.

Now for the not so great news that I'm sure many of you have already heard; Anthony Michael Bourdain's passing. If you've been a reader for long then you know how much I admired Anthony Bourdain. His death hit me so hard that it basically woke me up from my uninspired-lack of confidence-staycation. It really shook me. Have you ever experienced that? It's a numbing pain where your life becomes still and you feel it stop for a few seconds.. then your head basically comes back into it's place and all your priorities and dreams are reborn again. All your blessings are a little more visible and you hold your life a little tighter.

No Reservations, The Layover, Parts Unknown.. these were the only shows my husband and I would ever watch on TV. It's insane how someone who inspired so many to travel and write stories could do such an act. Another incredible woman we lost on the same week was Katherine Noel Brosnahan, also known as Kate Spade. 

All these tragic events are a simple reminder that everyone is fighting their own battles behind close doors no matter how happy or successful they may seem. Let's all be nice, respectful and supportive towards one another. Check up on those we love even if they seem to have it all figured out. 

I wanted to write this message before getting back into the flow of things. 
Have a great day and remember somebody loves you!

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