August 19, 2019

Fitness Must-Have's


Ever since getting back to the gym I have realized how much more energy I have and how much more I enjoy life, living and helping others do the same. For a second (and by second I mean months) I forgot the real connection I have with you guys. The fact that many of you out there come here to my blog to learn new things, to escape from your crazy lives or just to be plain nosy haha. Either way, you guys are here and I thank you for that.

It took awhile for me to get where I am today and I'm actually happy it did. It gave me enough time to fully heal from my third cesarian and time to enjoy a whole year with my boy, baby James. That time of me being at home ALL THE TIME was one I will never forget. I got to learn so much about my baby. Things that I know have I not been there with him to experience it, I wouldn't have known. & this is why, ladies and germs* I always say "everything happens for a reason".

It's almost like I got my mojo back. 

In todays post (warning* might be a lengthy one) I will be sharing some pro's and con's of getting back into the gym flow and some of my current favorite fitness related things.


Here are the perks

Now that I'm back to working out, eating better, juicing and just being more active, this means I feel better IN and OUT. I genuinely want to write instead of feeling obligated to. I am more organized. I make more sense when I speak. My capability to understand and solve problems has skyrocketed. I truly believe that once taken care of, you can become a super woman. I promise I'm not on any type of drugs haha. I simply feel ALIVE and want to share what's been working for me in the hopes to inspire you ladies to feeling the same.

There are no con's to taking care of yourself other than it's a little hard to turn off the energy. There are days where I workout, clean, cook and play with the kids and it's not even noon yet. I run out of things to do. haha.


I can't really pin point to what exactly it is but I will share what I have been doing differently these past few weeks which has led me to feeling this amazing.

I've been taking Evolution_18 Biotin and Keratin beauty gummy. No, this is not sponsored! I actually LOVE these. Although it's sold out on their website you can find them at Walmart. You only need to take two a day for support of thicker and healthier hair and stronger nails. 

Some days I fast during the mornings and at noon I drink a Lemon Reset juice from BluePrint. I actually have done the entire 6 day cleanse a few years back and loved the results. I mostly intake these juices for the health benefits not so much for the loosing weight part. I would recommend doing the cleanse if you're dedicated to working out. This way you will see maximum results. 

I recently spotted BluePrint products at my local market and decided to buy a few of my favorites individually like the Lemon Reset, the Kale It Up and the Beet Blast.

Here's one you guys are probably sick and tired of me talking about.. 
The Suja Immunity Wellness shot is my absolute favorite! I literally buy them by the boxes. They have the kick, the turmeric and the probiotics that I love. I take one shot a day.
I also love the Digestion shot.

The Uber Greens cold pressed juice was the first Suja product I ever tasted. I used to not love the flavor but drank it anyways because I knew it was good for me. It definitely took some getting used to as there are many greens in one bottle but by the time I had to repurchase another box, I loved it. 

Suja also has a new Energy Wellness shot and An Organic Energy drink.

I'll eat anything for my health wether it tastes good or bad. but one thing I can't stand is stevia! I would much rather have a beverage with zero sugar than having it with sweeteners or stevia.


You've probably heard me talk about Orgain Protein powder before as it's the only one I like. It's plant base and doesn't have that gross grainy taste most protein powders have. I like the vanilla flavor more than the chocolate.

Another Orgain product I've been loving is the Chocolate Almond Sea Salt protein bar
 I love the great variety of plant base products Orgain has. They even have bars and shakes for kids. 

Since we're talking about food, let me share my favorite salads from Sweetgreen (which is thee only salad place I ever visit in the city). The Harvest Bowl is and will always be my go-to. It consist of organic wild rice, shredded kale, apples, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, local goat cheese (which just happens to be my favorite cheese), toasted almonds drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. Another favorite is The Spicy Thai Salad which consist of roasted sesame tofu (I substitute with chicken), raw corn, cucumbers, shredded cabbage, basil, cilantro, spicy sunflower seeds, organic arugula, chopped romaine, lime, drizzled with a spicy cashew dressing. The Kale Caesar is also delicious! It has shredded kale, chopped romaine, parmesan crisp (Jayleen's favorite), shaved parmesan, roasted chicken, tomatoes, fresh lime juice, drizzled with caesar dressing.

I can go on and on about these salads because I love them all so much! It's always a tough decision when I visit a location. & the fact that they're always updating their menu each season doesn't make it any easier to choose. I want them all! See, the trick is to always visit with someone you know so you can both get different orders and you can taste both salads. haha.

I will say, I try my best to limit my carb intake. Doesn't mean I won't have it but only if I really really want it. For example, last night I made tuna melts for the family. For myself I made a nice colorful plate of baby spinach, shredded carrots, tomato and tuna salad on the side. It was equally satisfying and I didn't feel terrible after eating. You see, I like the feeling of not overstuffing myself or feeling like I can't move or the feeling of almost throwing up because of the amount of food I just ate. That was me a few months back.. and man, what a terrible place that was. Now, I feel like I have a better relationship with my body. We're in sync.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that all I've been doing is eating healthier because it's a lie. You see me eating pasta and rice on instastories. It's all about finding the right balance. Not like those flat tummy tea ads. "Drink this tea and you'll look like you just got liposuction" It's a LIE people! Nothing in life comes easy & my newly discovered abs are a testament to that.

If you follow me on social, then you know I've been going to SoulCycle for a few weeks now. It has become the only way to start my day on the right foot. I wake up at 5 am and take the first class available a few times a week. This fits my schedule perfectly since everyone stays sleeping when I leave the house and when I get back my husband can leave for work. Some days I attend class in the mornings and in the evening I go to the gym. I figure, if I have the extra energy why not put it to use.

Of course breast-feeding has also played a huge part in my weight loss journey.
I previously mentioned my lack of producing milk with my first and second child but with baby James, it's the total opposite. I've been nursing for 14 months and I still don't know what I did right this time around. I am super grateful though.


Lately, I have been washing my hair more often. Two, three even four times a week (specially after my workouts). After washing it I fix it right away. This is something I never did before. I used to allow it to air dry or fell asleep with it wet. The next morning I would regret it because I couldn't figure out what to do with it. My hair is stubborn and most times frizzy but always manageable. I notice that by washing my hair and blowdrying it I don't waste time stressing about what I should do with it for the rest of the week. It gives me some peace of mind. I can practically be ready to do anything or go anywhere at any given time. Which ultimately makes me feel less stressed and overall happier.

One of the most exciting things that happens when you start taking care of yourself is that it starts showing on the outside. There's a glow that I have even without makeup that is undeniable. My skin is clear, even softer, more moist and my hair is stronger and shinier.

I will say, my skin is clearer after I started washing my face more often and using Origins Pore Clearing moisturizer with Bamboo Charcoal. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated after I cleanse it. I also apply it under my makeup as it helps to smooth the foundation and concealer.

I don't know about you but my lips get super crusty when I'm working out. One product I always carry is my Fresh Sugar lip treatment. It's super moisturizing and lasts a really long time unlike other products I've used in the past. 

Although, I'm very anti-makeup when working out, I still like looking put together. Two products I always have on are the lip treatment that I mentioned above and a waterproof mascara (if I don't have eyelash extensions). If you don't want to look super busted at the gym I recommend using a light hand of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara or Waterproof Perversion mascara by Urban Decay. These are two of my favorites, minus the actual names. I mean, who comes up with these product names! smh.

A few months ago I ask you guys on social media to share your favorite headphones to workout with. I received so many recommendations and believe me I tried them all! Still I wasn't super in love with any of them. I was shocked that no one mentioned the Bose noise canceling headphones which I ended up getting. I love these so much! The battery life is so good, it really cancels out noise and they are so comfortable while working out. This was one of my biggest selling points. I needed something that wasn't going to constantly fall off or bother my ears since I have two tragus piercings and one forward helix. 


I recently purchase a Dagne Dover fanny pack which I was eyeing for months. After making my purchase I stayed browsing through their site and saw the Landon Carryall bag. It comes in five different sizes and six colors. The large Ash Blue or Dune color would be so perfect as a gym bag.
just putting that out there in case Moe was reading this :)

Alright, here's a super random but certainly necessary topic to discuss as women.
Wearing comfortable underwear and wire free bras. This is such an essential part to feeling good and 'can you believe' I only realized that after my third child. I can't be the only person who feels moody when I'm not comfortable. After years of trying different brands of underwear and bras, I have finally found some favorites (not cute but super comfortable). Fruit of The Loom and Blissful Benefits by Warners are two of my favorite brands. Again, not cute but super breathable and comfortable. Hence, your spouse wont be too fond of them.

Here are some of my favorite active-wear brands which I wear on a daily basis.

Beyond Yoga
Alo Yoga
Girlfriend Collective

Q & A

Q. What foods have you cut (if any) to get the mom puff down. I'm a year postpartum and I've been doing well but still have way to go with loosing a bit or it.

Q. What workouts and diet did you do for your abs? And you eat as much as I do lol so I'm curious and need the motivation.

I've been more conscious about my sodium, carb and red meat intake. I can't restrain myself from eating what I want so I always eat in moderation and drink tons of water. NO SODA! Sugary drinks and sodium makes me super bloated which is why I've tried avoiding it as much as possible. An alternative to getting that fizzy drink feel is drinking seltzer water. 

A workout I've been doing to tighten my stomach and get rid of the mom puff has been planks and bicycle crunches. I'm old school when it comes to working out. Also, during my SoulCycle class we do a full body workout which has also helped tighten my stomach area.

Q. I'm a year postpartum and I'm weaning a baby off the breast milk. Will working out decrease my milk supply?

I'm actually on the same boat with baby James. Working out has not decreased my milk supply whatsoever. 

Ever since switching to Altice One, I have been watching less TV. In a way I feel guilty for not using the great system we got but there is nothing interesting on TV. Aside from my favorite cooking shows, there's nothing else. I'm not into GOT, The Kardashians, The Handmaid's Tale or Euphoria.. and that's all people seem to talk about on social. Occasionally we do watch movies on demand on weekends but that's about it. Television currently sparks no joy for me or my family. This all started after my family and I took a no-tv/no-devices break. It was awful while on it but afterwards we noticed our communication got better and we found new creative ways to use our time.

I really hope todays post was helpful and will inspire you to get up and get moving!

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