August 31, 2019

Nursing Must-Haves


In celebration of August being National Breastfeeding Awareness Month I’ve partnered with Walmart and Rewardstyle to bring you my breastfeeding journey and share products I highly recommend for nursing moms. Walmart will be supporting this national event with deals on breast feeding and feeding items.

You would think that by now, as a mom of three, I would be an expert on all things baby. To your surprise (and mine) It’s been an interesting journey this time around.  Starting over after 8 years felt like I was experiencing it for the very first time. 

When I gave birth to my first and second daughter I wasn’t able to nurse. My body didn’t produce any milk. I tried for weeks and nothing.. so after a while I gave up. One thing I knew for sure was that if/when I got pregnant again I was going to be prepared with all the things that would potentially help me produce milk. Below are some which I found made a world of a difference. 

Starting with the Madela breast pump which I used from the minute I gave birth. It took baby James some time to latch on properly, so this little machine was a miracle worker during this time as well as when I needed to pump and store to feed him later in the day. 

For the first few months of nursing I found that while being at home a Nursing Pillow was a great thing to have to help me nurse with ease. Carrying a baby can be quite tiring on your arm. Something that wraps around you is ideal to get some support not only on your arm but also on your back. This one was my go-to. I love how comfortable and how soft the fabric is and how you can remove the cover to machine-wash.

An essential during this journey has been Nursing pads. Something I had to figure out on my own and as they say 'learn the hard way' after leaking in public a few times. These breast pads are nice and soft, absorb plenty of milk and have a sticker on the back to stick onto your bra. 14 months later I still use them.
Of course what I ate made a huge difference with my milk supply. I made sure to take Herbal breastfeeding Vitamins daily as well as Mother’s Milk Herbal Tea every morning. & when I craved something sweet I made cookies using Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookies mix.

As for bottles, I started baby James with Nanobebe bottles. They were great because you could pump the milk right in the bottle or their bags which can be frozen and reheated in the same place. The heating system is fantastic because the bottle shape allows the milk to reheat evenly and much faster then any other bottle in the market. 

Figuring out how to dress was a huge deal for me during these times.  Wearing clothing that allowed me to access my breast to feed my baby was the most important thing. For awhile I felt like I had to sacrifice style for accessibility. I had to switch out my bras to nursing bras, my everyday shirts to nursing camis, and my tight jeans to some more comfortable ones. Thankfully, Walmart now offers a variety of styles and premium brands where I no longer have to feel this way.

I want to know which products worked for you? 

Was your breastfeeding journey easy?

Did you know Walmart now sells premium brands?

Let me know below. 

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