April 12, 2022

Change begins with you


Good morning my wonderful family of friends! Lately, I've been missing you all so dearly.. I just had to hop on here to say hello and share what's been going on in my crazy life. I mean where do I even begin? I've taken on so many new ventures its challenging to keep my head above water these days. Funny enough I've managed to do so seamlessly without trip. I know that's not just me, it's the power of God on my side... Amen. 

These past few weeks I've been busy due to one renovation project I've kept secret until now. If you follow me on social then you might remember my at-home gym I did last year and that beautiful mural Mike Stylez did for me. I loved it so much and hesitated on getting rid of it but I didn't get good use out of the space. & you know in New York, space is essential. So, Moe and I decided to transform our entire garage into a guest house. Yes, a guesthouse or more like a guest loft. I absolutely love having my family over and of course my in-laws as well. Unfortunately, even after turning our attic into a shared playroom and bedroom we still don't have enough space. Ugh, the struggle of living in NY I tell you! Nonetheless, I'm always thinking of ways to solve problems. It's my specialty (they say). So that's one project that has kept me very busy lately. I will be sharing before and after photos/videos (on social) and will be creating lots of content in the space so you will see it very soon. 

Now that the guesthouse is completed I'm working on something else. As if being a mom of three and editor isn't hard enough haha. I'm currently planning an Iftar dinner party for my extended family of 42! Its the biggest gathering I've ever hosted and I'm so flipping excited! Since it's a pretty big crowd I decided to host them in our backyard. I rented everything from chairs and tables to doing the full decoration on my own. If you know me then you know, I go big or go home! I even created tiny personalized menus to place on each seat. It's going to be so cute :)

There is no specific theme but I do want the traditional Ramadan moon and a few stars here and there. The color scheme is sage because green is my absolute favorite color. I'm doing a beautiful balloon garland (which I've never done before so wish me luck). Initially, I reached out to a party planner/ decorator and she didn't get back to me on time so I decided to save money and just do it myself. You know what they say, "if you want something done right, do it yourself". I live by this quote! 

Part of why I am so excited about this event is because one of Moe's dreams has always been to have Iftar with his family on a big long table under a sky full of stars. That's exactly what I'm going to create for them. I will be adding twinkle lights all throughout the backyard to mimic stars. Believe you me, I'm going to make it extra special because he deserves the world. 

With so much happening there are bound to be curve balls thrown at me.. nothing I can't manage. To help me duck those balls, I like checking a few boxes. Which I'll be sharing in todays post. 


Staying organized and preparing is crucial. Not just when planning a dinner party but on a daily basis. Each night before going to bed I plan my following day to a T. I learned this the hard way. As someone who works in media and suffered from migraines and teeth grinding, this has completely given me peace of mind. When I tell you I grind through my night guard, you know it was bad. Even my dentist couldn't believe it. Thankfully, I no longer grind my teeth nor have migraines.

Knowing what I need to do each and everyday allows me to wake up and simply check things off my list with ease. Simply being mentally prepared helps me breath better. Listen, I know it may sound crazy but more than ever we should be prioritizing our mental health because once your mentally well, being physically well will follow. I'm only speaking from experience. I had no interest in exercising nor eating healthy had I not prioritized my mental health first. & here I am, 31 years old, mother of three and have never felt this good in my own skin (mentally and physically). That's all a result of good preparation. 

One thing I do want to mention while we are in the subject.. things don't happen overnight. Give yourself time. Be patient. Be understanding. Love yourself. It took me three months from the first time I attended a spin class to the second. I initially detested it. Yet, preparation and constant awareness brought me back to only find out how much I loved it. It's now been three years and I can't imagine my life without cycling. With that being said, it's never too late to live the life you've always wanted. Trust in yourself to receive what you deserve. 



Hydration is a given! As tasteless as water may be, it's nessesary. Yes, preparation helps me with performing tasks but drinking water gives me mental clarity. I avoid sugary drinks at all cost ( I only order Coca-Cola at the theater which I rarely visit ). If I am craving anything, I have it. I don't deprive myself from things I desire only because this makes one feel even worst. Having mental clarity gives me awareness of what I'm putting into my body and the outcome of those decisions. For example: If I want clearer skin? I avoid oily food, sugars and make sure to remove my makeup every night before bed. If I want to be toned? I exercise. When I eat one of my favorite cuisines which is Bangladeshi food, I feel horrible afterwards. Why? Because it's very heavy and very oily. I am aware of that and that's all it takes to make good decisions in life. Awareness. Possessing awareness is impossible without clarity.. and clarity is impractical without hydration.

Did you know we're made up of over 55% water? 


I dislike being a stick in the mud but It doesn't stop by being aware of what you eat but also being aware of what you listen to, what you watch, who you surround yourself with, why you're happy? , what makes you sad?.. it all adds up. Awareness is thee most important thing in the world. Nowadays, it's really easy to sabotage ourselves and our lives unless you have awareness. It happens to all of us, believe me. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you can live a better life.

IMG_1145                   IMG_1163

Break time

Can we quickly talk about this amazing pajama set by Sleeper. Apart from being my favorite color it's also made of this silky soft-like material that will assure a goodnight sleep.  The set also comes in different colors. You can browse them here.

IMG_1173   IMG_1176

OK this is a big one for me because it's one I found really challenging. Journaling might be easy for many just not for me. Here's why: growing up with an older, nosey and annoying brother had only downs. From reading my journals/diaries and sharing it with my mom to constantly taunting me about what he'd read. This completely scarred me and I didn't want to pick up another journal for the rest of my life. Thankfully, we're all adults now and have grown out of certain fears. The fear of journaling was one for me. I mean, you might think writing on a blog is journaling and yes, you're right. But this I am aware people read. Having a personal journal which no one is supposed to read is a little different. 

Now that we got that out of the way.. 

Journal has completely changed my life for the better! Yes, it's that dramatic. Aside from overcoming my fear it's helped me track my growth. It's now been roughly 7 months since I started journaling and looking back at the first entry I don't even recognize that person. 

One of the journals I write on is the infamous 5 minute journal. The transformation within me has been so noticeable that I decided to gift them to my family and friends. I recently discovered the journal is also available in a kids version

A few things I love about this journal (without giving too much away) is the daily inspirational quotes at the top of each page. As well as the extra push for think about what you're grateful for. Really makes you aware for your blessings. Writing things down is transformative. I can't recommend anything more than to start by writing in a journal if you are interest in bettering your life. 

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one last thing..

My circle is small but like me 'oh so mighty!'. That's what's needed. A mighty group of friends/family that uplifts you and makes you better. Make no room and no excuses for negativity. Remember, if they gossip to you, they gossip about you. 

Surround yourself with those who listen to you and help you grow because like plants we need love, attention and good light. Here's a question to think about, " If a plant doesn't grow, do you blame the plant or its surroundings?" It's the same with us humans. If you're not seeing self growth within your circle.. you have the power to change your surroundings in order to blossom into that beautiful flower you were meant to be.  

Growth comes with time and within that time make sure to gather the right quality of people to ensure a pleasant journey.  


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After checking all those boxes you'll be left with an outpour of love. Self love that is. & when you have self love, it always overflows into everyone else's cup. What do I do when I feel this excessive force of love? I make sure to continue showing up for myself. Exercising. Drinking water. Being a great example not only for my kids but also for my family, friends and readers. 


I hope todays post reminded you of all that potential you have inside that we're all eager to see. 

Blossom. It's your time. 

- Stay Trendy,


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