December 8, 2022

Back in full speed


A few days ago I shared with you guys that my son James wasn't feeling too well. Today, I'm happy to announce he's fully recovered and back to his old self. That also applies to the parent who's been sleep deprived throughout this whole process, which is me. We're both happy to feel great again. Thank God and thank YOU for sending messages and prayers which helped him very much. I know it did. I also know many of you might be going through the same thing with your little ones. So here are a few things that helped James recover from a terrible cold. 

1. Love and attention. & lots of it. This is why I took a few days off social to truly cater to him. No phones, no emails. Just us. Hugging, snuggling, watching his favorite tv shows. Drinking Pedialyte and giving him acetaminophen as needed. 

2. I noticed he was back to normal when his appetite kicked in. He asked for oatmeal in the morning and spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. I made it without hesitation. Soup also helps. You can find my good friend Rosie's soup recipe here

3. I like to avoid anyone in the house saying that he's sick. I kept telling him "you're fine". "You're simply not feeling well currently but you are getting better each minute that passes by". Words are incredibly powerful specially when it comes down to our children. Make sure they are learning something good from you. Always stay positive even when they aren't doing too good. What keeps us going is hope.

And last but not least is Prayer. 
This should be 1st and last. 

Happy Thursday!

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