January 17, 2014

Feeling Blue


I'm sicks as a dog and hate feeling blue. I get less work done and at the end of the day I never give my 100% at anything- when I'm sick. Moe, the girls and I visited my mother and grandmother last night for some hearty chicken soup with avocado, hot sauce with lots and lots of lime juice followed by ginger-lemon tea. I'm already up to 90% better.. wohooo! When sick, a little love always helps anyone get better faster.. alright, maybe that is my excuse in getting a few extra hugs and kisses out of my family (do not judge the genius:). 



I looove sushi..well, seafood in general.. to the point where I think I'm close to becoming a fish myself. One of my favorite places to visit while feeling under the weather is Aki Sushi Fushion Japanese Cuisine located on 33-06 Ditmars blvd LIC. They offer decent sushi for 1/2 price. The place is never packed because most people order to-go and the atmosphere is quite alright.  

We ordered Shumai (steamed shrimp dumplings) and our usual sushi platter of spider roll (soft shell crab), spicy bbq crunch roll, spicy roll with crunch (salmon), eel & avocado roll. Everything is really tasty! and tastier after receiving the bill. 


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