March 13, 2014



Spring and Summer is all about shaping up and looking good. & by good I mean extra good! Earlier this week I shared with y'all great beauty secrets and useful tips using something we all have in our homes, baking soda (read more here). Having great skin and toning up before those warm months approach is very important to me, as it should be to you as well. Now, the 'How do you stay fit?' questions keep coming in on my emails and pictures on all my social media accounts. I'm thinking of doing a post about my daily workout routines. Is that something you guys might be interested in? I'd be happy to share.

In other news, I'm super excited to share with you all a great collaboration with Mary Kay Cosmetics coming soon. Stay tuned for that:)



I've been so obsessed with this lipstick called "desert flower" from Flower Beauty, which is Drew Barrymore's new cosmetic line. I have been wearing it a whole lot and have turned into a lipstick junkie because of it. The quality on these lipsticks are so good and surprisingly very inexpensive, moist, soothing and they last all day on. You can purchase them online or at your nearest Walmart. This lip color paired with this ombre Kooples shirt and this bum hugging All Saints leather skirt work really well with an addition of a classic Chanel via Bella Bag.

These Steve Madden heels are the definition hot and sexy (I really hate using that word)! A different way of wearing them would be with dark blue skinny jeans rolled up at the bottom, a nice white blouse and a colored blazer. They run true size although I find them a bit hard to walk in because they aren't flat at the bottom more like curvy, which makes it easy to fall flat on your face. What? I'm just being honest.

Now, try not to stare at my eyebrows please. As I mentioned on my Instagram account a few days ago, I am trying to re-shape them so I am allowing them to grow and it's a long process. Although, I think today is the day to go thread them.

Today's title was sort off in honor of throwback Thursday. While listening to two of my favorite workout songs of 2011-2012, Nova y Jory ft. Rakim y Ken Y- besame (listen here) and Lemonade remix by Alexandra Stan (listen here).




bra: c/o Triumph  |  blouse: The Kooples  |  skirt: All Saints (buy here)  |  shoes: Steve Madden (buy here)  |  bag: Chanel via Bella Bag  |  lipstick: c/o Flower Beauty

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