March 5, 2014

In The Moment


Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posting this article. Yesterday I was having major issues with uploading the images on this post and today I finally fixed the problem. I also wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments on the picture I posted of my new haircut yesterday on Instagram. The cut isn't short all the way for those wanting to know. I only cut the front short and the back is still long. You can say I cut my bangs. Can't wait to show you in upcoming posts.

In today's article I will be sharing an outfit accompanied by images from one of my favorite places to visit in Queens New York, Jackson Heights. I believe in sharing outfits with a full experience. I hope you guys enjoy this very different look at NYTrendyMoms.


Jackson Heights is one of those places where you are bond to feel like you're in a new world. Every time I visit this place it feels as if I was back in Bangladesh. The scent, the people and food are what makes this place incredible. I tend to drive to Jackson Heights when I am craving beef biryani, kulfi ice cream, bengali sweets or when in need of new wedding dresses. But I'm warning you, if planning to visit you will need to be very opened minded and prepared to see things you've never seen before. The much older people roaming around aren't the most well mannered but I think I'm pretty used to them by now. If planning on visiting I recommend taking the subway. Traffic is usually bad and you will never find parking in the area. In Jackson Heights you will also find award winning halal carts and delicious restaurants. One of the most popular restaurants is Dera located on 72-09 Broadway, Jackson Heights 11372 (btwn 72nd & 73rd). A Indian and Pakistani restaurant serving fresh oven baked naan bread cooked in a tandoori oven right in the back. They serve a variety of goodness but one thing you must get from Dera, the butter chicken. The food tastes incredible but even better after midnight. They do not serve beer or wine. Believe me you will not have room to fit that in anyways. I recommend trying their kashmiri tea which can be intimidating at first glance due do it being pink. In the tea they add milk, salt, pistachios, almonds, cinnamon and cardamon. It's almost like drinking warm milk with Paan (which you will see images below). Literally killing two birds with one stone if you chew tobacco. If you're not into kashimi tea, go for the more traditional, black tea leaves with milk, also called chai (pronounced 'sah'). I hear Kabab King (which is only a few blocks away) has the best, I'm still yet to try.

Here you will find big and small markets offering fresh and unique produce that are brought in on a daily basis. With a variety of things you are bond to only buy what you need and get out, literally. It's mayhem in the food markets (avoid them if possible). Now let's talk fashion. One tip I will give you on shopping for clothes here is bargain bargain bargain! Everything is tripled the price from what you would normally pay in South Asia. The sales rep will always lower their prices when anyone bargains. (keep that in mind)



This is Paan. Bengalis chew this, literally just for fun. It makes their mouth red and I think it's pretty disgusting looking and surprisingly tasty. They add anything you want, from tobacco to coconut. This is typically chewed after each meal. 

In today's outfit I went with these Romeo & Juliet maroon jeans. I love rolling up the bottom of the jeans to give any look a much more preppy and put together feel. I loved the combination of the maroon, red and white top, so I went with this thrifted shirt that I've had for years. A fitted blazer is a must in anyone's closet, this one is by BCBG Runway. I wanted to try something new and styled my hair with a low ponytail. During NYFW I saw many of the runway looks included this hairstyle and I loved it. I accessorized it with this very chic L. Erickson hair band. & of course, I'm still wearing these Zara heels that I bought a few months ago. I love how the nude pointed heel goes with everything. & they're super comfortable, so why not wear them all the time. Right?

Now, I know lots of you have been asking about my new Chanel bag. I got this one from It's an online store that sells pre-owend authentic luxury handbags in mint conditions. You can buy, sell and trade used designer handbags and other accessories. Make sure to check that out.

I hope this article helps you get to know my explorer side a little better and helps you understand that the way I dress doesn't define who I am.


hair accessory: L. Erickson (buy here)  |  purse: Chanel via Bella Bag  |  blazer: BCBG  |  jeans: Romeo & Juliet  |  top: thrifted  |  bangles: Miriam Salat  |  coat: Marc Jacobs

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  1. I always wanted to know, do you have difficulty bargaining when shopping by yourself? I notice in my case for example, I'm half arabic but look full Latina. So when I go in , I see that they are bargaining with me in English and are not lowering the price. But ince I speak or if my husband speaks for me, the price is significantly
    Lower. so often I don't shop in arabic stores, only because of this.