March 28, 2014

Boon-Chu 2


Last week my family and I were walking around the Astoria area and saw a 'Grand Opening' sign outside Boon-Chu 2 located on 35-13 Ditmars boulevard, Astoria, NY 11105 (# 718-777-7013). We were intreaged by the wall art and had go in, and oh boy' am I glad we did! My family and I travel far to get good Thai food and we were exited to try this new place. If you follow me on my social media accounts, you'll see how much we visit Sea in Williamsburg, Brooklyn simply because the food is so delicious.

When we walked-in there was only one older man sitting in a corner. It seemed a little awkward and we were hesitant to sit in an empty room. After the very nice waiter sat us down at our table we started reading the menu. We started with appetizers, vegetable Spring Rolls; nothing special about these rolls. Pretty average but served with a really good sweet sauce that has chopped onions inside. We also got Chicken Satay; delicious! The chicken skewers were lightly dipped in a sweet sauce and grilled. Served with peanut sauce on the side.


After appetizers we ordered what was recommended by the waiter to be the most popular dish; Red Beef Curry; Wow! This was my favorite! VERY spicy and flavorful. The meat seemed to be steamed, cut into strips and placed on top of a rich curry coconut broth. This was served with white rice on the side. 


A Latina and a Bengali cannot visit a restaurant without ordering rice. We ordered the Fried Rice with 'Crab Meat'. To be completely honest after finishing the rice we remembered it was crab meat and were surprised that we didn't find any crab meat inside. It did not even taste like crab. Overall it was good fried rice. Maybe next time I will order it with some kind of meat inside.


 Since the soup and curry were spicy we had to order something for our youngest daughter. We got her the Chicken Pat Tai.  I do not recommend it. I thought the noodles were over cooked, the sauce was too sweet and the chicken was a bit tough. I just think there was a texture problem with this dish. To say that my daughters didn't even eat it. They preferred the fried rice and Tom Yum Soup.


We all know thai places serve some of the best soups and of course we had to order the most popular one; Shrimp Tom Yum Soup; a very funny smelly soup. Please take my advice and do not smell it before trying it. I made that mistake the first time I ever tried this soup somewhere else, I couldn't eat it after smelling it. It has a little kick and it's very tangy, almost as if it had tamarind and similar to a Bengali tomato soup (hatah). Very addicting as well. It came with two shrimps inside the soup and a whole bunch of mushrooms. 


This wasn't anyones favorite. The jackfruit was sweet, the rice was sweeter and the milky sauce on top was bitter. Another confusing item on their menu, texture and taste wise. I don't even remember what it was called. This is the only dessert that has rice, avoid it! We all ate the jackfruit on it's own.


And the grand finale; Fried Ice Cream; there's just no way to describe the food coma I was in after eating this. This is a breaded scoop of vanilla ice-cream that I wonder how they manege to fry without exploding in the fryer. It's to die for! It's drizzled with a raspberry sauce and served with whipped cream on the side (which is drizzled with chocolate sirup).

The bill was under $55 with the 15% off if you dine-in.

It's all over now. Wipe the drool off your face:)

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  1. I love thai food and always find the best dishes in "hole in the wall" places around elmhurst or flushing. I also like another place in Sunny side but I forgot the name. Tempura ice cream is the best, my husband and I always order it from Japanese restaurants since they make it with green tea.