November 10, 2014

El Viejo Jobo Restaurant

231 Sherman Ave 
New York, NY 10034
 between Isham Street & 207th Street (Inwood)


Many of you always ask me if I ever visit Dominican Restaurants, and the answer is 'yes! Yes I do'. I grew up eating this type of food and although I rarely eat it now (due to where I live) there are times when I take my girls to eat at one of my favorites. There are hundreds of restaurants serving the same food in uptown Manhattan but no one does it like El Viejo Jobo. The place is a little tight nonetheless if you like experiencing new cultures and great food you would love this place. They play spanish music and almost always someone will be drinking a Presidente (Dominican Republic's national beer) and randomly singing/dancing. 

This restaurant is a favorite of my family for it's homey staff, music and food. Just to say, this is the closest I've ever came to my dad's amazing cooking! & trust me, no one cooks spanish food like my dad. My daughters love the white rice and red beans accompanied with Pollo al Caldero, it melts in your mouth. I know this may sound weird to some but to me and my girls it's totally normal. We like eating rice and beans with a banana. My husband always teases me saying, 'How do you eat your food with a fruit? Should I eat my curry with an apple?' haha!

It's so normal for us though. Dominicans eat loads of plantains. Wether it's boiled, mashed, fried, steamed, we love them anyway! These squished plantains are called 'tostones'. They're peeled green plantains, cut into thick pieces then fried. Pulled out from the fryer after 2-3 minutes, squish with a flat surface, then re-fry them till crispy. When you pull them out the oil sprinkle a little bit of salt and enjoy:) Many people eat them with ketchup, I like them plain as a snack or as a side dish.

Everything in this place is delicious and always brings me back to my childhood. Like this chicken soup which has spaghetti, potato, carrots and chicken simmered in a flavorful broth. The soup is served with white rice as the traditional way of eating it involves spooning rice into the soup bowl and submerging the spoon into the broth. I love adding hot sauce and avocado to it. This soup is certain to take your cold away:)  

Just wanted to share this hidden gem with you guys. I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Saw your tweet and it brought me here.
    Definitely checking this place out with my girls!

  2. Looks good! But may I ask: Does the restaurant's name refer to the tropical fruit called jobo, or does it have some other, figurative meaning?

    1. I believe it's referring to a type of tree. Not quite sure.

  3. so i googled this place cuz its my sisters boyfriend fav place and im visiting ny and while it looks good,your stupidity is unreal,so because you don't live in a certain place doesn't mean one stops eating their culture's food! poor children of yours all they probably know is "hola" too harsh? your comment was that stupid.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and write your option. I truly appreciate it.

      I'm simply being honest, that's what my outlet is for. If you're not familiar with me, my family or this blog, let me fill you in... I was born and raised in NYC (in a mix of cultures), my husband is from Bangladesh and we travel the world often. We love eating all types of foods from around the world. I didn't say I never eat it, nor do I neglect my culture. I simple said "I rarely get to eat it now (due to where I live)" there aren't any hispanic restaurants where I am located. It doesn't mean I don't cook it at home. Sorry if that somehow was hard to swallow for you.

      As for my children.. they are trilingual.
      Enjoy the rest of your day.