November 26, 2014

Great Shortcuts For This Holiday Season


With all the Thanksgiving cooking there isn't much time to properly make a 'wow' dessert from scratch. In this post I will show you a few tricks and tips that you'll be able to use on any Holiday menu. These recipes are delicious shortcuts that will clearly blow your guests mind away.


-Dulce de Leche Tres Leche with coconut shavings-
I bought one plain angel cake (you can also use pound cake) and sliced it in half. In a bowl I poured one 14 once can of La Lechera sweetened condensed milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 cup of whole milk, half cup coconut milk and mixed it well. I then poured half the liquid on both pieces of cakes and left it to soak for 5 minutes in the fridge. I then sprinkled coconut flakes on the cake to make it look pretty and festive.

To the other half of the liquid I added one 14 ounce can of La Lechera Dulce de Leche. I mixed it well and served it on the side. I drizzled a generous amount to each cut slice.


These Cheeky bowls and plates are a lifesaver! There's nothing worst than having to deal with dirty dishes after cooking all day. These festive plates are a great pop of color on any Holiday dinner table and they're super inexpensive. 


When it comes to pleasing a crowd I love skewering things. It makes my life easier and my guests love the easy-to-eat experience. Try these two very simple recipes for these upcoming Holidays.

Grilled parsley shrimp with orange and green bell peppers
 Before you get started you will want to soak your bamboo skewers in water for one hour to avoid them burning when on the grill.

I marinated the shrimp in the fridge for 3 hours. In the marinade I added a handful of chopped parsley, 3 chopped garlic cloves, the zest of one orange (can be replaced with lemon or lime zest), one cup of olive oil, the juice of one lime, a dash of hot sauce (optional) salt and pepper to taste. Add 30 shrimps to a ziplock bag and toss the shrimp and marinade together. 3 hours after the shrimp has marinated you start assembling the skewers. Cut one bell pepper and one orange into bite size pieces. Add the bell pepper, scrimp, orange and continue that pattern till you've reached the top. You can substitute the orange with pineapple. Grill skewers for two minutes on each side.

Salad on a Stick!
Mozzarella balls, english cucumbers, cherry tomatoes served with traditional pesto sauce. It doesn't get any easier than that. It's like salad on a stick!




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