March 6, 2015

How to go Blonde without Damaging your hair!

We've all seen the blonde hair trend happening right now. Jared Leto and Kim K just to name a few. You all know how I love staying on trend but one thing I would never do is bleach my hair. I care too much about my hair to permanently damage it with tons of chemicals.

Today I will share a less harmful way to color your hair using High Beams by Salon Grafix.  


Salon Grafix High Beams Collection is a line of temporary spray-in colors, which can be used to color your hair, cover up grey roots and fill in thinning areas. In addition it's the perfect tool to add color highlights to make a bold statement. These temporary sprays wash out with one shampoo so it is simple and noncommittal. They have twenty-two shades available, and four thickening sprays, you can get creative with no remorse. It's safe to use on all hair types.

You can purchase yours here.


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