March 3, 2015

What to do with old bras?


A few years ago I bought a great looking bra from Victoria Secret. Two and a half years later it started showing signs of an 'old' bra. I mean, I wore this bra pretty often and the more I washed it the less it would fit. Instead of shrinking it would expand. What I didn't realize was that the band on the bra was too loose because of it's age. I was really disappointed because it was my favorite bra! 
You know that feeling when you love something so much and you simply can't hold on to it anymore? Well.. that was the feeling I had when I opened that bin and just dumped the bra out! Thankfully, I don't have to feel that way anymore. 

We all know the saying "certain things get better with age" but bras are not one of them! 
Old bras can be uncomfortable with wire sticking out and loose bands. These are problems we all experience with old bras... and what do we do when this happens? We throw them out! 
Today I'll be sharing with you an incredible way to earn money towards a new bra for those old useless bras that belong in the garbage.

Town Shop is offering its costumers $10 off each bra they trade in towards the purchase of a new one.  
 Did you know over 80% of women wear an incorrect sized bra! Town Shop has professionals on site who help women find their perfect size every day.

Town Shop is a New York landmark. Open and serving the city since 1888, it sells top name brands and gives the customer something they cannot receive online: a real fitting. Shopping at Town Shop keeps women from being an 80%er! (or we can say “shopping at Town Shop puts women into the 20% club!)

“Bucks for Bras" 
Bring one old bra to Town Shop and receive $10 towards a new bra.
The offer is available up to 5 old bras for the purchase of 5 new bras.

Chantelle Paris is giving away 3 amazing prizes! To enter please provide your email address and "Like" Town Shop on Facebook. 

prize #1- Three Sets of Chantelle Lingerie and one bottle of French Champagne.
prize #2- Two Sets of Chantelle Lingerie and one box of French macarons.
prize #3- One Set of Chantelle Lingerie and 1 Chantelle goodie bag. 

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  1. Love this post! My favorite bra just broke yesterday too!
    I entered the giveaway, hopefully I'll win cos it will make me feel better haha :P

  2. Totally entering the give away and looking for my old bras to take with me to the store! Great quality merchandise, and I love that I can save some money using my old ill-fitting bras. A good bra can make or break an outfit!

  3. Great idea! I would totallu enter the giveaway, got tons of bras to give:D

  4. I feel your pain. I'm also not a fan of the "old bra" syndrome.

  5. I have soooo many old bras that I need to throw away! Thanks for the information!

  6. Such an awesome giveaway and I love that you can trade in your old bras!

  7. Excellent idea! I shoud have thought of that...

  8. Thanks for the information! I wish more places did this!

  9. haha, bras def don't get better with age, I wish they wouldn't loosen with every wear or wash..and I hope other companies take note and start offering the same deal!

  10. LOVE THIS! I can't tell you how many old bra's I have lying around the house & since there's so expensive, I only get new ones every os often. I'd love to be able to trade in old ones <3

  11. I hate having to buy bras but they never last...gotta have them!

  12. I so deseperately need new lingerie! I am getting married next year and my future husband canNOT see the nasty, worn out bras that I'm currently working with - haha! xo, Steph

  13. I love the idea of trading in old bras for new ones! It is hard to fork out the price for a nice bra, and this would help!

  14. This is fantastic. Can't wait to stop by this weekend and trade in some old bras!

  15. I have so many old bras lying in my drawer. Wish there were a Town Shop near me.