June 13, 2016

Cuban Style


Welcome back to my blog! 
Today I'm sharing a nice summery look that features white pants and strappy-shoes.
I wore this same look a Sunday morning to go watch our friends play soccer at the park. I initially had flat sandals but changed into my heels after the match was over to head to brunch. This look gives me a Cuban/Miami feel with the hat, tropical top and white bottoms. Hope you enjoy!


I love this look for Spring/Summer! It's fresh and super comfortable. This top is by Foxcroft. I got it in a size 4p but wish it was smaller. The fit is very wide on my stomach area and makes me look heavier than what I am. Overall it's a really comfortable and refreshing top for warm days. 

Moving on to the white pants... I first bought these at Aeropostale for my trip to St. Lucia and have never wore them ever since. I'm normally a size 0-2 and these size 0 fit just right! I forgot how much I loved them. 

I bought these sunglasses at a store called C-Wonder which unfortunately went out of business a few months ago. I will link similar styles below.

My shoes are by Gucci which you might have seen before. I loveeee them!! They go with pretty much everything! The style is so elegant yet edgy at the same time. A few weeks ago I went into the city by metro and spent the entire day walking with them... not a very good idea. It was a very ugly scene afterwards. If you follow me on snapchat (JohnnybellSan) then you might remember. I think it wasn't the shoes fault.. it was certainly the city roads.

My hat is from J. Crew's men department.  


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