June 6, 2016

New Circa Beauty Brushes


Today I'm going to be talking about Eva Mendes new brush collection from her cosmetic line, Circa Beauty. The collection includes five luxurious looking brushes at an affordable price. The Powder Brush ($13), The Contour & Blush Brush ($12), The Foundation Brush ($12), The eyeshadow brush ($8), and The Angled Brush ($8). All of these brushes are an essential to every day or special occasion looks. These brushes are exceptional quality, designed to create professional results. They're super soft synthetic hair is cruelty free, washable and won't swell with age. Not only are these brushes amazing quality, they also are super inexpensive which makes it reachable to all consumers.

My favorite brush is The Powder Brush. It's so big and fluffy. Perfect for powder. This brush will help you achieve a light and even powder application. The bristles sweep perfectly across the face for a natural-looking and flawless finish. I also love the thickness of the handle.

The Contour Brush is my second favorite. This brush is dense enough to distribute product  evenly and allows a precise application due to the angled finish.


This is such a great collection if you're looking to buy great quality brushes and don't want to splurge. 


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