June 24, 2016

dragster race experience via Cloud 9 Living


Surprising anyone in my life is challenging because I can't seem to hold the excitement in! Moe and I have been together for 9 years and I've never surprised him... ever!! I mean, yes I've planned things out and right before it happens I either give it away or he figures it out somehow. 

I'm so glad to say that I finally surprised Moe on Father's day with a unique Dragster Race experience ( here ) booked via Cloud9Living.  This was the second experience we booked via Cloud9Living (and certainly not the last). The first experience we booked was a helicopter tour around NYC and that was pretty incredible. We both enjoyed that one. This time around I wanted to give something for Moe that he could really enjoy on his own. Since my brother (Kay) is also a dad, I thought it would be nice to bring him along to enjoy the race. Neither of them knew where we were going or what we were doing.
At one point my brother didn't want to come because he felt like he needed to know the location in order to find an outfit. & I sure wasn't saying much since I didn't want to ruin the surprise. 

When I put the address of the location in the navigation, Moe got a little suspicious because that area in New Jersey is well known for race tracks. At that moment I thought... "Ugh, I came this far for nothing!" Nonetheless, when we drove about 40 minutes in, they went from golfing to horseback riding. & That was such a relief! Their guessing meant they didn't yet know what the surprise was. 

As we approached the race location we made a left turn and there was a huge sign that said "Are you ready to Race?" (Watch video on my Instagram). That's when both of their faces lite up. 

As we checked in and they got geared up, I could see their excitement. It was almost like watching two kids get on a roller coaster ride for the very first time. It's a fun energy everyone sees and feels. Once they received the right training, it was time to race! 

My girls and I watched the boys do their thing until it was time to go. My favorite part was watching Moe and Kay get out of the car after the race with huge smiles on their faces and eager to tell me all about it. That meant everything to me! Truly priceless. 

This experience is more than just a race, it's meaningful to the person experiencing it. Especially if they love fast cars. 

Don't forget to checkout the short video clip I posted on my Instagram account to get a better feel of this experience with Cloud 9 Living. 



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