October 3, 2017

Life Update

Hey Trendsters!! I cannot believe it's October 4th already! It's been awhile since we last chatted and I have a quick life updates for ya'll. 

My house renovation finally started and I couldn't be more excited. We are midway in the process and it seems like its taking years to finish up. I've gotten so many messages from you guys asking to do a house tour, to share my tile selections, living room decor, etc. I try to share as much as I can via snapchat and instastories as it's more organic and in the moment that way.. so if you want behind the scenes make sure to follow me on instagram ( @nytrendyoms) and on snapchat (JohnnybellSan). Believe me, I want the renovations to be done as much as all of you want to see the final results. You know what they say.. 'good things take time'.

A few days ago I was very ill. Runny nose, never ending migraines, fever, terrible stomach pain, and the list goes on. Didn't know what it was and didn't even bother checking with my doctor. I'm one of those people who doesn't like medications, hospitals or doctors. I believe that with time, a little rest, Vapo Rub and some good ol' chicken soup (made by grandma, of course) everything will be ok.

I'm a little better now but I'm laying low until I reach my full 100%.

In better news.. I was finally able to bring my computer to our hotel in which we're staying till the reno is done. I have so many photos/stories to share in the next few days that have just been waiting to be published. 

Ok, that's it. Short and simple.. just like me :)
Good night.

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