October 8, 2017

Treadmill And Tequila

photos by Phil Yoon
Last week I attended the Treadmill And Tequila workout class alongside one of my favorite dj's/fitness gurus, Hannah Fallis Bronfman at Barry's Bootcamp. After an amazing sweat session we enjoyed a few cocktails curtesy of Don Julio. I mean, who wouldn't want a low calorie cocktail after a 60 min workout?

If you like a kick in your drinks you're going to love this one below.

By Hannah Bronfman

1 1/2 oz Tequila Don Julio Blanco
2 oz Fresh Red pepper Juice
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 oz Simple Syrup
1/2 tsp Jalapeño Juice (or to taste)

1.     Combine all ingredients in a cocktail with ice.
2.     Shake well and pour over ice in a mason jar. 
3.     Garnish with a jalapeño slice.

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