January 18, 2018

What to do on Valentines Day?


Here comes the desperate time of year again; Valentines Day! The time when you don't know what to get that special person in your life. You don't want to be a cheapskate and you also don't want to break the bank. You simply can't get the question out of your head; What to do on Valentines Day?

Did you know that many people stay single to avoid these crazy times (believe me, I know a few). Keeping it 100% with ya'll.. I'm on the fence about the whole thing. Yes it's fun wearing red every year, receiving chocolates/ flowers and getting a 'Happy Valentines Day' from strangers. Yet, I believe you shouldn't need a specific day to celebrate love. You should celebrate it everyday.

Despite how I feel.. today I will be sharing some fun things that I personally experienced throughout the years and highly recommend doing for Valentines day. Hopefully it helps some of you make some V'day plans.
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I've never been one to like material gifts when it comes to joint celebrations like Valentines Day. I'm more of the experience type. You know, doing something that we could both enjoy. I love going out to dinner, getting a couples massage, attending a musical performance or having a chef come over and prepare a romantic dinner at home (yes, it's a thing). Might sound a bit outdated but in times like these, trust me.. it's about what your heart desires not what looks good on your instagram feed. 

Here's an example; two nights ago I took my best friend to Aire Ancient Baths for her birthday. It was such a relaxing experience. We both enjoyed it, chatted and afterwards went to dinner. She loved it and kept telling me how thankful she was and how much she needed this 'me' time. Now imagine if I would've just handed her a gift and said "happy birthday". That would've been the end of it. Just another gift to hoard around. 

You see, with experiences things are different. You both equally enjoy it, make memories together and bond a little more. Material things tend to break the connection between people.. I've seen it happen many times. With material gifts you start comparing. Specially with social media at your fingertips. Thats when bitterness takes over and you become unhappy. The end.

Now let's get to the fun part;

The first place I will be sharing since you do have to make reservations in advance and they get booked pretty fast is Aire Ancient Baths. My friend and I enjoyed The Ancient Thermal Baths for two hours and she received a 30 minute massage for less than $300. That's pretty cheap if you ask me. I've been to other 'spas' in a completely different setting and received an 'ok' massage for similar prices. So I definitely recommend visiting this spot if you've never been. Click here to see a list of services they provide as well as pricing. Also, a little bird told me they will be having a Valentine's Day special so watch out for that.

A few years ago I booked an experience through Cloud9Living and took my husband + brother dragster racing for Father's Day. This brought me so much joy even though I wasn't participating. I will never forget seeing their reactions. It was priceless. Another experience booked through Cloud9Living was for my husbands birthday. I took him on a private helicopter city tour. Checkout their site for hundreds of fun and unique things to do around the US. 

If you're into more of an adventure and aren't afraid of spending a few extra bucks I recommend checking out Discover Outdoors. I took Jayleen and my husband horseback riding a few years back and we all had a great time.

What about a fun weekend escape? My family along with friends visited The Adirondack mountains with Glampinghub. This website is super cool because you'll find the most unique places to spend a few days with that special someone.

If you're looking for a more 'quick date and done deal' then I recommend visiting Maison Premiere (my husbands favorite oyster bar/cocktail bar in Brooklyn). It's not as rowdy as most bars. The place is dark and intimate just what you need on V'day.

If money isn't a problem and you want to travel far.. I highly recommend visiting St. Lucia and staying at Capella Resorts they always have specials around this time of year so stay woke. I took a trip with my family and was blown away by it all. Here are 5 reasons to visit St. Lucia

I hope this was helpful.
If you have any other Valentine's Day suggestions please share them with me on the comment section below.

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