February 27, 2018

Miami Recap

Our family is back to it's normal schedule. The girls are back to school, my husband is back to work and I'm back to writing content for you guys. If you don't know, last week my family and I visited Miami, Florida for a few days since we thought it would be the perfect time to travel before the baby arrives. We stayed at the Grand Beach Hotel in Surfside. We loved it so much! It was such a family friendly hotel with great pools, attentive staff and it's location right on the beach. We also loved how the hotel was located only a few steps from restaurants and shops. 


Would you believe me if I told you I ate so much that I got sick? Well, believe it. When we got to Miami I was so excited to try foods from the area and I think (or better yet, I know) I overdid it. We had to cut the trip short due to me having major stomach pain, barfing and everything else that comes with that. Thankfully I'm better now. Even with this bittersweet ending I don't regret a thing. My kids enjoyed themselves to the fullest playing in the pool and on the beach. My husband and I relaxed most of the time and that was bliss for us. So would I do it again? absolutely! We can't wait to go back. 

This time I will try my best to lay off the fried foods and red meat (I think that's what got me sick).


Places We ate In


We couldn't go to Miami and not stop by one of my (now) favorite French bakeries, La Parisienne Bakery. It's located on 1909 NE 154th St, North Miami Beach. This was our go-to breakfast bakery.

This place bakes each pastry and bread every single day. & if you know me, you know I will go far to eat good bread. The cool thing about this place isn't only that they have won best awards in the past or that they cater to restaurants and hotels all around Miami. The cool thing about this bakery is that you can watch the owner bake the goods through glass windows. This was something my kids really enjoyed (aside from eating their delicious dessert). Everything is amazing! 



Another place we loved was Backyard BBQ & Brew. We liked it so much that we ate here twice. The burnt ends, the beans, the brisket poutine... I mean the list goes on and on and on. Everything was spectacular and the fact that it was walking distance from our hotel made it irresistible.  

Another local spot the girls and I loved was Josh's Deli. If you ever visit, say hello to the really sweet British waiter who actually told us about La Parisienne Bakery and a few other spots. 
When we ate here, we sat outside. The day was sunny and beautiful. The food was scrumptious. The service was on point. This place was also walking distance from our hotel.
What else could I ask for? 





We also stopped at a few restaurants in Little Havana. Nothing blew my mind but I would love to hear your recommendations for next time I visit. 


We were only able to have this much fun and visit so many places during our stay thanks to Lexus. They were nice enough to loan us the beautiful Lexus RX during our stay. We loved it so much that are considering purchasing it as our next car. Our baby boy will arrive in June and we need to upgrade to an SUV. What do you think?


More family photos




Right before taking the trip I did a little bit of shopping. I bought so many great pieces for my girls from Gap. They are always having great deals and the pieces last forever even after washing multiple times. Hazel's swimsuit is from Gap.


Jayleen's swimsuits is also from Gap.

As I was packing I noticed I didn't have a bathing suit that fit me other than the obvious two piece sets. I started playing dress up in my bedroom with old pieces I had even forgotten I owned. This bathing suit from Target was the only one that still fit me after getting pregnant.  It's a few years old but still looks brand new. The mesh on the belly area is quite elastic and I loved how comfortable I felt in it. 



This little girl is obsessed with her little brother and of course.. love it.


This swimsuit got a lot of love on social media after I posted a video on instastory. It's by Blue Rod Beattie. They have such beautiful swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. I love the quality and the color so much but don't think I will be able to wear it for much longer. This belly is growing rapidly. haha. 

The sunglasses are by C Wonder. I bought them many years ago when they had stores all around New York but now they only sell on QVC.





This white swimsuit is by Surf Souleil. I also love the quality on this bathing suit. It's extremely soft and comfortable. They also have great cover ups, accessories and tanks.


I tend to get emotional (even more now with the hormones) when my family takes a trip like this. It's such a blessing to be healthy, loved, always having food on the table and being fortunate enough to travel together as well as enjoy each others company. I couldn't ask for anything else... exceptHow did I get so lucky with these 3?


We were sad to leave beautiful Surfside Miami but cannot wait to go back!


  1. So happy you guys enjoyed Miami (Imight have to check out that French bakery!)❤️ I loved alll these photos!!

  2. Love this post. It's so raw, beautiful and shares such a beautiful time with your lovely family. Cannot wait to see your baby boy <3