February 6, 2018

The Lastest Q&A


I'm so excited to be sharing this Q&A with all of you. I've gotten so many questions about my pregnancy that I decided it would be easier and more helpful to just answer all of them here.


How far along are you?

It's so bazaar how in my previous two pregnancies you couldn't tell I was pregnant until I was like 7 months. With this pregnancy I started showing earlier than ever. I'm currently 20 weeks expecting a baby boy and my belly feels gigantic.

Do you have a name for your baby?

We have been going back and forth about this. We haven't agreed on one just yet but a few of my favorites are Theodore, Mathew, Pierre, Grayson, Zachary, Nathaniel and James. Moe likes Zayn, Zedd, Ezra and Zemar. 

It's so difficult to choose a name that will be pronounced correctly in Spanish, English and Bengali. This is one of our biggest concerns. We travel to Dominican Republic as well as Bangladesh and cannot imagine how people will butcher our babies name. So this is why it's taking us forever to decide. 





Advice on relationships and family?

My only advice on relationship is to keep yourself happy first. When you are happy, everyone around you is too. I've  had this conversion with so many women who tell me they do everything for their husband and their kids and still their not fully happy. They still feel like something is missing. My question to them is always, What are you doing for yourself? & they say "nothing". I think the biggest issue is not doing something that makes YOU happy and always trying to please others. 

My advice to you is, don't waste time or procrastinate because at the end of the day you're only hurting yourself. Keep yourself busy. Wake up early. Exercise. Shower, brush your hair, wear a little makeup. Lift yourself up. Always MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Create a fulfilling  life for yourself.

After that's sorted.. then you can focus on doing things together with your partner, saying or doing something daily to show your appreciation, never take your partner for granted, stop trying so hard, keep things interesting (wink* wink*), never go to sleep with unresolved issues and of course, comminution is key.

& for moms, you're the head of the family. When mom is happy and put together, everyone tends to follow in her footsteps. 

How do you balance giving attention to both your daughters?

That's easy. I make it really hard for them to spend time alone. We're always together. This makes it very easy to talk and do activities together. My daughters are also very independent and vocal. If they feel some type of way they make sure I know.

My girls are 6 and 9. They know they are both my daughters and are a part of our family. They never feel left out or loved any less than the other. 

My advice would be to do activities that involve all your children. Don't pick and choose. Try to do as much together as possible.

How are you feeling so far?

You all might remember how terrible I felt the first few months of my pregnancy. My doctor says this was completely normal. Although, I didn't experience any bad symptoms (none whatsoever) with my previous two pregnancies. Some say carrying girls is easy and carrying boys isn't. I'm definitely starting to believe that. I'm currently feeling better then the first few months but still sick once in a while. The good news is that I'm more than half way there. 

If you're tired or just plain busy to cook, what's your go-to meal for your family?

I love keeping canned tuna in the house. It's one of my favorite lazy meals. You can mix it with whole grain pasta (done in less than 30 minutes), make a tuna sandwich or tuna patties. 

Another favorite has to be chicken breasts. It's easy to defrost, easy to cook and everyone loves it. You can throw it in the oven with a little garlic, chopped veggies, drizzle olive oil, salt pepper and call it a night. On lazy nights, the oven is my best friend. So anything that can be baked/roasted is a good idea.



What are your must-have pieces? I have 5 boys and on a budget. I'm trying not to look like it.

I hear you! Even with all the clothes I have in my closet I still find myself wearing the same basic pieces all year round. I would say invest in a good pair of jeans, a blazer, a white button down, a high-rise skirt, a biker jacket and a good pair of black pumps. These are versatile pieces you can mix and match with everything.


dress: GANT  |  boots: similar here  |  hat: Boohoo  |  jacket: Urban Outfitters


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