March 12, 2018

Beauty by POPSUGAR at Ulta


POPSUGAR released their brand new all natural makeup line called Beauty by POPSUGAR yesterday. I shared a few of my favorite products from the line on instastories and a lot of you wanted me to share more thoughts on the line. 

I've always been quite skeptical when it came to natural makeup because I've had bad experiences in the past with formulas, pigmentations and smells. I'm happy to say this line proved me wrong in all aspects. I have been excited about this launch for weeks so when POPSUGAR sent over a package filled with products I was ecstatic.

This line was created to be healthy, with smart ingredients inspired by feedback from POPSUGAR's network of 100 million beauty junkies.

About Beauty by POPSUGAR
Imagine a line of cosmetics curated by Lisa Sugar, the founder and president of the #1 independent global media brand for women, based on the feedback of a monthly audience of 100 million and Lisa’s personal passion for beauty. That’s BEAUTY BY POPSUGAR, an original makeup collection that encapsulates everything that POPSUGAR is about: Female empowerment. Kindness. (The formulas involve no animal testing, ever) and healthy living. (No icky toxins here.) POPSUGAR is already a powerful resource for women. With this new venture, POPSUGAR enables them to live a full life in fresh ways, with positivity, joy, and style. 

Let me start by talking about the beautiful clean package. I love how each box has an inspiring message when you open it. You can just tell they put a lot of love and thought into each product. Every box shares information about the product, describes how to use it and has an ingredient list. At the top of all the boxes you'll find the product shade name along with a color preview.

Products I received:

A tinted, high-power gloss with tons of shine in a nonstick formula, and just a hint of nourishing shea butter and natural oils, too. 

I love the packaging as well as the applicator. This product is so nice to have on your lips because it smells delicious and it isn't sticky on the lips. Best of all it isn't filled with toxins. I recently got this and it has already become one of my all time favorite lip glosses. This is definitely a must-have from the entire collection.

What if a matte color could nourish lips, too?
This lipstick makes it happen with color and a satin finish that's pretty and protective.

One of my instant reactions to this product was "omg, I need to carry this around all the time!". I became obsessed with the beautifully clean, lightweight crayon-like packaging. I was in love with the product even before I tried it on. I mean, the color and finish is beautiful and it feels like you're wearing nothing. This product is so easy and comfortable to wear through the day and the shade matches my everyday hue perfectly. 

For a truly healthy glow, POPSUGAR chose real ingredients: natural satin and pearlescent powders like Mica and Silica- For a natural, mermaid-worthy glow, all pressed into multi-colored compact that matches every skin shade. 

Another one of my must-have products from the collection. This color (Summer Lovin') couldn't have been more perfect for my complexion. It's subtle yet buildable and the compact has a mirror for easy on-the-go application.

A magic water that washes liquid color over lids and dries fast.

I was a little confused about product when I first opened it. The consistency is runny so you have to be careful when opening. I first tried it on my hand and it seemed nice but when I tried it on my lids I couldn't see it. I felt the shade wasn't right for me since I have very dark eyelids. I didn't want to just give up on it so I applied it under the Shimmer Putty Powder and fell in love with the color. It turnout to be a subtle metallic shade.

This sparkle-packed eye product may look dark, but it's buildable, so it can go super-sheer, high-impact, or anywhere in between. 

I love this shade for an everyday look. It's shimmery yet wearable and definitely buildable. I like it on its own but love it even more with the Liquid Metallic Eye Color underneath. 

These all natural, gold leaf infused papers are powder and fragrance free. Suitable for all skin types. 

These are perfect for a matte look. If you feel your face is too dewy or oily gently pat a single sheet anywhere there is excess oil. 

A high-impact formula with 2 brushes: thick for volume and length, thin for topline definition and bottom lash access.

Never have I ever seen such a perfect mascara for bottom lashes. It's almost impossible to smudge your bottom lashes due to the thin wand. I wasn't able to try the opposite side which is the thick wand because I currently have eyelash extension but it looks promising.

Overall I'm super impressed with this all natural cosmetics line. Congrats again to POPSUGAR on such a beautiful collection! 

You can shop the entire collection on or at and Ulta stores.


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