March 26, 2018

I Have Big News!

Like many of you, I spend my precious hours browsing through hundreds of products online. In one site more than others, Amazon. I've been a member for 'who knows how long' and have bought kids essentials, gifts and home decor throughout the years. Just like you!

Since our recent home purchase I've been spending more and more time on Amazon. Not only are their prices unbeatable but you find everything you need in one place. 

Well, to keep this post short and simple.. I was recently contacted by Amazon. I mean, can you even believe that!? I certainly couldn't. Anyways, they basically wanted to give me my own Amazon shop. Ahh! 

I am happy to say that I have my very own Amazon shop ( see it here ) and have earned the title of an #AmazonInfluencer. I can now share recommended items, share direct links (not third parties) to things around my house like my bathroom sink which I got many questions on, my sunglass and watch organizer and so much more.

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