March 26, 2018

New Brooklyn Hot Spot

One of my Spring resolutions is to spend less time on social media and have more real time encounters with inspiring women. Over the weekend I set up a nice brunch with a few women who I wanted to rub off energies with. We visited Scriptum located on 65 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249.






Scriptum is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Walking distance to everything yet a little tucked away near the East River where the crowd is a bit more sophisticated, the quality of food is better and the experience is 10/10. This place has only been open for a few months but has been creating such a buzz that I knew it would be the perfect place to brunch with my girls.




The cocktails are spectacular! Scriptum uses only top quality liquors as well as make their own syrups in-house. Hugo, who we spoke to about his creations is thee most passionate bartender/mixologist I've ever met. You can taste the soul in each of his drinks. The fact that he's an expert at mixing and just finding the right balance between flavors, sweetness and bitters is remarkable. Take this for example; Hugo infuses lavender syrup in a classic Bellini. He also spices up a boring Mimosa with turmeric and as crazy as it may sound, it somehow works.





Let's move on to the food. Scriptum is an Italian restaurant serving up delicious classics but not all they serve is Italian. I believe they have something for everyone adults and kids. I found this Soft frittata of leeks and vegetable, truffle vinaigrette salad and parmesan fondue finger licking good but I definitely know it's something my kids wouldn't like. For them I would go with the Saint Germain blueberry pancakes with lemon-basil sorbet or the french toast.



I'm the type of person who doesn't love having anything too sweet in the morning. I always go for savory items instead of sweet ones for breakfast. Therefore, when this next item arrived at our table I was a little hesitant to try it.

It's very easy to mess up something so simply as french toast. This one (below) is pure perfection. It's called the SB French toast and it has chef made pear, ginger confetture, chocolate ice cream and almonds. It was the perfect balance of fruit, bread and sweetness. I wouldn't mind having this every morning.

Even something as simple as organic local yogurt, chef made granola, goji berries, coconut, blueberries and dried apricots was delicious. I really don't know how they are able to make every single dish this good.




You can't visit an Italian restaurant and not try their pasta. So we got a white sauced spaghetti ( I honestly cannot remember the name of this dish) but if you decided to visit just show them this photo. I currently live in an Italian neighborhood and have never tried anything this freaking good. I can't even explain the creaminess of this dish. Once you started eating it, you can't stop. You've been warned.


and of course no meal is completed without dessert.. and we tried it all! The creme brûlée was lavender infused. As you can see, it was finished before I even got around to taking a photo of it. Same goes for the Tiramisu.

One item which I did get to take a photo of (and that's only because we placed two orders) was the famous Bomboloncini which are Italian donuts that come with vanilla, chocolate and caramel dipping sauce. Delizioso!





I love how they have a great private area on a different floor for events. Overall the restaurant is extremely spacious. There's nothing worst than feeling cramped up at a brunch, lunch or dinner. They are also planning to open up a great outdoor space when the weather gets warmer and I can't wait for that.


One thing is for sure, there is no better brunch spot than Scriptum. You don't only visit this restaurant for the delicious food, rustic decor or top-of-the-line cocktails.. you visit this restaurant for the whole experience.

You know a place is good when you arrive at 1pm and leave at 6pm.
I mean the reviews on this place don't lie.. They received a 5 out of 5 on Yelp. Now I know why.

Overall my girlfriends and I really enjoyed ourselves. We were able to catch up (actually listen to each other speak unlike other brunch spots), enjoy the food/service and simple have a good old time. Thank you Scriptum for becoming my new favorite brunch spot.

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