July 25, 2016

Best Bike Paths Across New York


I'm completely new to biking in the city with my family. Believe it or not, we've never owned bikes until last week when my husband and I bought our girls two bicycles. I knew that buying bikes was only step 1. Teaching them how to ride would take time and patience and what better time then during Summer vacation. Moe and I also got bikes from Sixthreezero and I thought it would be perfect to tie it in with this highly requested story. I've teamed up with Zillow to share a helpful guide to the best bike paths across New York.

New York Ranks Seventh on Zillow's Top 10 Best Bike Cities List                                
By Miriam Bornstein

Many people are unaware that biking is an integral part of life in New York. The first bike path in America opened in Brooklyn in 1894, and today, New York ranks seventh on Zillow's list of the Top 10 Best Bike Cities in the U.S, thanks to the city's 55 miles of protected bike lanes – the longest distance of all 50 cities in the analysis.*
Below is a list of family-friendly bike paths across New York's five boroughs to jump start your summer biking adventures.

·       Pier 54
·       Randall's Island
·       East River Park

·       Prospect Park
·       Shore Park and Parkway
·       Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway

·       Pelham Bay Park
·       Soundview Park Greenway
·       Bronx River Greenway

·       Joe Michaels Mile in Cocheron Park
·       Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
·       Astoria Park

Staten Island
·       Silver Lake Park
·       The Greenbelt
·       New Springville Greenway

Below are other great cities to Bike in the United States.


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