July 28, 2016

In A Field Of Sunflowers


Over the weekend I visited a field of sunflowers in Connecticut and I couldn't pass the chance of doing a shoot with this Suno dress. You wont believe how long I've had this dress for and this was the first time I ever wore it. It's been almost two years of this little gem sitting in my closet. You know when you get something and you just forget that you have it? Well, thats what happened here.
I'm so glad I waited for the right moment to wear it since I feel this is the perfect setting and great color contrast. 

The chocker I'm wearing is by Erin Dana. I'm wearing it backwards because I wanted to show the strings. On the other side it says NYTM :) & if you see the last photo on this post you'll see Leanne wearing her customized Erin Dana choker as well.

These are my second pair of Quay Australia x Desi sunglasses. The first pair I ordered my husband accidentally broke them only two days after I bought them. Thankfully, I got in touch with Quay's customer service and they were nice enough to send me a brand new pair. I feel like these sunglasses are perfect for everyone. The mirror effect give it a 'superstar' touch to them.. and I love it.
 I can walk outside with no make up on and wear these sunnies and I'll feel super comfortable and confident because they are great size which allows me to hide behind them. Especially when its 6 am and you're making your way to the coffee shop and don't want anyone staring at those under-eye bags. These are my new favorites!



I love the style of these Teva shoes so much that I actually have two pairs! One in black and these white and powder blue. They are my favorite casual chic shoes to wear when I know I have a long day ahead.

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dress: Suno
shoes: Teva (I love them in white too)
sunnies: Quay Australia x Desi (buy here)
chocker: Erin Dana
bangles: Miriam Salat (in brown here)
bag: Kipling (similar here)


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