October 4, 2013

Maccin' It In Williamsburg


The weekends (without kids) are those days that you just want to unwind and go out for some good o'l comfort food, listen to good music and chat with random strangers -FYI this is only if you're in Williamsburg. Well go figure, that was my -last Friday night. After roaming the streets of willy-b we ended up sitting at a 1920's inspired living room chatting with our new friend Alejandro (a LA based film producer). When the hunger hit we fled the scene and ended up at Brooklyn Mac. We visit Williamsburg pretty frequent and are often catching others saying the smart remark of it being an 'over rated place'. But the reality is it's not and are always blown away by the little hole-in-the-wall places we find. So without further ado, Here's another edition of "What to do this weekend". 


We were introduced to Brooklyn Mac by a close friend and needless to say it's 'heavenly'. We visited the Greenpoint location (77 Norman Ave btw Lorimer St & Manhattan Ave) one of 3 stores in Brooklyn. The Greenpoint location is as tiny as can be but filled with ginormous flavors. Each mac and cheese goes for ruffly $7 for a small plate. They also have salad wraps and veggie mac and cheese. If you love mac and cheese as much as I recently discovered, you would flip for this place. Since it was my first time visiting I wanted to try one of each but was quickly stopped by our friend and he recommended a few smart choices. We ordered the Park Slope which had cheddar cheese + hamburger + caramelized red onions. The Brooklyn Heights which had marinated skirt steak + cheddar cheese. And lastly the Bed Stuy, which was my favorite, it had cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, ranch and hot sauce:)

The sizes are pretty tricky. We ordered a small for each and it seemed pretty big but were disappointed at the thickness of the plate. So I recommend a medium size plate. It sort-off just tickled my belly but then again that's my American side talking ;) Sorry for not having a picture of me eating the mac, I ate it too fast. I am literally drooling while writing this post. Hope you guys give this place a try and let me know what you think. Happy Weekend.


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  1. Love these pictures!!! Kisses


  2. You're such a beauty! Me encanta tu estilo :-*

    xox, Cheri