October 18, 2013

Sotto 13


When in the mood for hanging out in the West Village with a couple of friends I highly recommend stopping by Sotto 13, located on 140 w 13th street (btwn 6th and 7th ave). The trendy Pizza, cocktails and Tapas bar is known for having the best brunch in the nation. From a DIY Prosecco bar to a $29 All you can drink brunch. I decided to give this place a try last Sunday night with my husband. I think we can all agree in the importance of details and I will explain this experience as detailed as possible.


This is a perfect example of the saying looks can be deceiving. When we arrived we were expecting a tiny pizza place and surprisingly were greeted by a young gentlemen who escorted us passed the marble counter full bar and wood fired oven and into the back dinning area of the restaurant. The place is huge and the decor is incredible. For starters we had Ricotta, Lemon & Truffle Honey on a crostini. Then came the crispy Shoestring Fried Zucchini + Chickpea Fries served with a sun-dried tomato pesto sauce which I'm still dreaming about. We tried the Veil with Artichokes, sauteed with a light flour crust, a sprinkle of capers to give it a bit of a lemony and tangy flavor topped with a delicate artichoke salad.


The Rigatoni Veal Ragu was out of bounce! This dish is prepared with real pasta not dried pasta, made with Caciocavallo cheese and cooked al dente to perfection. Moving on to the Wild Mushroom Pizza, the best pizza in the house. Just the thought of having a pizza without any sauce isn't very appealing. But, when I tell you that this was the best pizza I've ever had, to say the least. They use 3 different cheeses and a variety of mushrooms. It was beyond creamy and worth coming back. For dessert we had the Tiramisu Pizza and the Apple Pizza with a scoop of vanilla gelato, brilliant idea. 
3 things you must try when in Sotto 13 is the Chickpea Fries, the Wild Mushroom Pizza and for dessert the Apple Pizza with Vanilla gelato. 

If you decide on giving this place a try, make sure to hashtag it #nytmonthego to show me. Hope you all have a great weekend. For more details on the brunch menu, click here

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  1. Looks delish! Do you have any favorite restaurants out on Long Island? Also have to say that I love your style! :)

    1. It truly was. I will be going back for brunch for sure:) I don't have a fav but I will be looking into LI restaurants and will keep you posted. Thanks for the compliment love.