October 12, 2013

Tortilleria Nixtamal


Last sunday I had an urge for tacos and I found this local place in Queens called Tortilleria Nixtamal. When I was there it felt like I was in Mexico. The decor was very bright, mostly yellow and red. We wanted to visit this place for quite some time since they are known for having the best tortillas in Queens. 

When the waiter arrived, I pretty much had my mind set on tacos and didn't pay mind to the rest of the menu. I ordered the Barbacoa which was steamed lamb in maguey -an agave plant ($2.99). 3 Pollo tacos which was prepared very simple in a carrot marinade (very chicken'ish in tatste). My favorite was the Pescado ($2.99) which is obviously fish, breaded and pan fried. We went with our best friend, and he ordered the Entrana and the Napoles. I asked him to describe both and here's what he had to say. The Napoles (grilled cactus, tomato and onion with melted oaxaca cheese) "I would have preferred more cactus. There was a slice of oaxaca cheese slathered over the cactus. I mostly tasted the cheese though I'm no expert when it comes to discerning the differences in how cactus should tatste. It was filling for the size to price ratio". The Entrana  (grilled skirt steak $2.99) "The meat was juicy. More on the well done side. I expected more flavor as in, it was not bursting with flavor. made up for it by sprinkling some caliente sauce. Price to quality and quantity ratio was good, again I was expecting more flavor". We also ordered
2 cheese quesadilla for the kids ($2). Nixtamal is a part factory, part taquería family friendly place. The tacos were really good and I can't wait to go back for more! If you decide to visit this place, i'd love to know your thoughts on it. Tweet me:) 
I've also created a hashtag on Instagram to show you all the great places I visit all around the world #NYTMonthego 



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