February 25, 2016

My Eyelash Extension Experience

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I'm so happy to be writing this post for you guys since it's been a highly requested one.

On Tuesday I visited Dr. Leslie Gerstman office (located on 24 East 64th street Fourth floor NYC, NY 10065) to receive a set of soft volume extensions. I wasn't really sure what to expect since last time I had eyelash extensions in a 'non-professional' place I had a bad experience. Thankfully, this was nothing like that!
Here's my bad experience with eyelash extensions in 2014-

I went the cheap route about 2 years ago and visited a non-professional parlor who promised beautiful lashes for $35 and the process took only 30 minutes. I thought it was a great deal, a little too-good to be true. and it sure was! I walked out of the beauty parlor with lumpy bad quality lashes, unevenness, and they were extremely heavy on my lids. 

After one week, I started seeing the lashes fall. I even ripped out most of them because they simply looked terrible and were poking my lids. As expected, most of my natural lashes fell off and it took quite sometime to grow back. I was so disappointed that I feared going anywhere else to get this service done. 

Here's my good experience with eyelash extensions in 2016-

When I arrived at Dr. Leslie Gerstman office I met Master Lash Artist and Aesthetician, Karolina Osiecka (sweetest girl in the world btw). She started asking me what I was looking for, volume? Length? etc. This was something I appreciated because she took the time to learn my liking and wanted to figure out what was as good fit for my eyes. Of course I wanted volume, length and a little bit of a curve. I had told her I tend to wear strip lashes and she asked me to show her a pair of my favorite lashes which she quickly pulled up on trusty Mr.google. My all time favorites are #34 by MAC. I wear them every time I go out to events and it's always a hassle putting them on and taking them off. Karolina told me she was able to mimic the lashes onto my eyes and create the same cat-eye effect. I was mind blown! She also offered many different lash sizes, lengths and even colors. 

After deciding which lashes I wanted, we started the process. I will admit I was a little skeptical to the procedure since it takes roughly 2 hours to finish a soft volume extension application. What I didn't realize was that each lash is applied individually and with a lot of precision and care. Karolina and I were talking our way through the application when I suddenly got super tired and fell asleep. Yep, I feel asleep thanks to the calming music played in the room, the comfortable chair and super gentle touch of Karo. Once done, I woke up to amazing full, beautiful lashes! I was soooo happy (and still am!). I got the whole run-through on taking care of the lashes and even offered a $40 care package (which I highly recommend) to keep your lashes clean. The lashes Karolina uses are great quality, are super lightweight and are easy to clean. Of course with eyelash extensions there's no need in using mascara (which saves a lot of time in my everyday makeup routine!). As a mom I need all the help I can get. With my new lashes, I wake up effortlessly beautiful. 

The lashes typically last 3-5 weeks before needing to be refilled. Yet, it's natural for some false lashes to fall off when you're sleeping, etc. If you sleep like a maniac (like me) Karolina recommended a sleeping mask to cover your eyes to avoid damaging the lashes. Also, avoid using makeup removers with oils on your eyes as this will loosen the adhesive and will make your lashes last a short time.

One frequently asked question is "Do your natural lashes fall after apply eyelash extensions" and the answer is no. It's normal for a few natural lashes to fall (as they always do, with or without extensions) but your natural lashes shouldn't fall if you're taking good care of your falsies. Being gentle is key to maintaining your lashes looking beautiful and full.  

So there you have it- a lesson learned! I went through a bad experience so you don't have to.
I hope my story inspires you to visit a professional master lash artist and aesthetician like Karolina. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Thank you so much Karolina and Dr. Leslie Gerstman for my beautiful lashes. 

For more information or to book your appointment, click here or call 212-966-3991.

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