October 16, 2018

You Inspire Me


In life, we sometimes find ourselves deep in despair. In the moment we think nothing can fix us, no one can make us feel better and for that time everything stands still.
This was my life for over 9 months. My entire pregnancy was a living nightmare. I felt every emotion imaginable. Not only was my pregnancy stressful but I also had many complications during and after delivery.

October 13, 2018

Halloween Event at Brookfield Place

On October 27th, Brookfield Place (BFPL) New York is throwing a spook-tacular Halloween Bash with a full afternoon line-up of family-friendly events. Bring the kids in their spookiest costume to watch gooey pumpkin slime experiments, take photos with the larger-than-life LEGO sculpture and trick-or-treat throughout Brookfield Place.

Other not to be missed activities include the costume catwalk, performances by world-famous performers from the Coney Island Circus Sideshow and a sneak peek into the inner workings of ghosts and how they fly with The Ghosts of Brookfield Place. 

Halloween Bash Schedule (10/27):
Performance Circle:
·         12-1PM: Watch escape artist Adam Rinn perform and pay tribute to the late great Harry Houdini as he attempts to escape from ropes, handcuffs and a strait jacket
·         1-2PM: Explore gooey pumpkin slime experiments, frothing witches brew and warlock potions during a presentation with Mad Science.
·         2-3PM: Michael Karas, New York’s most gift young juggler, performs feats of skill and agility that are certain to amaze. 
Mobile Talent:
·         12-3PM: Coney Island USA is sure to impress with shows by world-famous performers such as the stilt walker, the world-champion lasso-throwing cowboy, and the quick magician.
Winter Garden:
·         12-3PM: Josh Corn and Eden Lew of Double Take Labs bring you the inner-workings of ghosts so you can finally understand how exactly they stay afloat. 
Upper Plaza:
·         12:30PM & 2PM: Enjoy music by The Pop-Ups, a collaboration between Brooklyn musicians Jason Rabinowitz and Jacob Stein who have been setting the standard for children’s music since 2010.
Hudson Eats (Movie Showings):
·         12PM: Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie
·         1:15PM: Monster’s University

October 9, 2018

Learning Spanish with Canticos


This post is sponsored by Nick Jr.

Having two trilingual daughters was much harder back then then it is now. These days we have great educational programs to help us teach our kids a new language. 

After having baby James I'm basically starting all over again and I'm taking all the help I can possibly get. That’s why in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, I am so excited to be partnering with Nick Jr. in today’s post.

Nick Jr. has collaborated with Canticos, a collection of some of the most beloved Spanish-language nursery rhymes from all over the world. Canticos’ bilingual nursery rhymes are available on the free Nick Jr. appand Nick Jr. YouTube channel. This new engaging content has made my teachings to baby James a breeze. 

All of the nursery rhymes my mom and grandma sang to me when I was younger are available there in English and in Spanish. It's super nostalgic to relive these moments with my little boy and teach him my native language while I’m at it. As a working mom who’s always on the go, I love the convenience of carrying the app with me and listening to them at all times.

Canticos has definitely made play time a lot more fun.




James favorite tune is 'Little Chickies' and quite frankly it's my favorite too. Checkout my Instagram and watch him try to sing along.

October 2, 2018

Pumpkin Picking


Over the weekend my family and I took a spontaneous road trip which let us to BBQ eating and pumpkin picking.
Durante el fin de semana, mi familia y yo hicimos un viaje por carretera espontáneo que nos permitió comer barbacoa y recoger calabazas.

September 24, 2018

What to Feed your Baby?


Baby James turned three months over the weekend and he is already looking forward to eating solids.
I kid you not, every time his sisters eat in front of him he stares and licks his lips. It's the cutest thing ever. Even though he wont be eating anything but milk for the next few months I have recently started searching for baby foods and came across HappyTot.

I was recently introduced to the company and I fell in love instantly! Here's why; This is an organic company that was started by a mom herself and it's currently operated by parents. All of their products have no artificial hormones, no toxic persistent pesticides and no GMO's. 

Baby James cumplió tres meses durante el fin de semana y ya está deseando comer sólidos.
No bromeo, cada vez que sus hermanas comen delante de él, él mira fijamente y se lame los labios. Es lo más lindo. A pesar de que no comerá nada más que leche en los próximos meses, recientemente comencé a buscar alimentos para bebés y encontré a HappyTot.

¡Me presentaron recientemente a la compañía y me enamoré al instante! Este es el por qué; Es una empresa orgánica que fue iniciada por una madre y actualmente es operada por padres. Todos sus productos no tienen hormonas artificiales, ni pesticidas persistentes tóxicos ni OMG.


August 28, 2018

Reading Month with Youtube Kids


If you follow me on instagram and snapchat then you might've seen clips of me reading to my family. I do it quite often as I believe it is so important to instill reading to our kids from birth. Call me crazy but I use to read to Jayleen, Hazel and James while pregnant with them. After birth I would do the same as this opens a window of curiosity and feeds their creativity. 

August 15, 2018

Upcoming Event at Morey's Piers


Who remembers when Hazel had short hair!? I miss it so much and have been trying to convince her to cut it short again but she refuses to. While going through my photo library I found these photos of her when we visited Morey's Piers a few years ago. How things have changed since then. She now has much longer hair, has lost a few teeth in the process and is contemplating on getting a new pet... and speaking of pets; Morey's Piers is having a super cool pet friendly event. Continue reading to find out all the details.

August 1, 2018

New Kids Menu at Maman


If you watched my latest vlog you might remember that a few months ago Jayleen and I visited a retail market/restaurant called Marché Maman located on 237 Centre street open from 9am-4pm

I expressed my love via social accounts but never on the blog. Since then a few things have changed for the better and I had to share the news with you guys.

Starting today (August 1st) Maman is offering a kids menu!! That's huge news for moms all around New York City. Theres always a struggle when going out to eat with kids; Are they going to like the food? Are the portions too big for them? Do they have coloring placemats to entertain them? Ugh! If you're a mom then you can totally relate.

Now my girls can order their own mini version of avocado toast (which Jayleen LOVES) and grilled cheese made with homemade bread. Mmm. What's not to love? Did I mention they can enjoy these delicious items made with locally sourced ingredients while learning French phrases which are on the kid's menu. Now that makes for a fun time.

July 30, 2018

Keep it Classy


I'm sure you guys have noticed that I've been feeling very 'casual' lately. Comfortable sneakers and flats have become my best friends. These flats from J.Jill come in three different colors (dusty quartz; which is a beautiful baby pink, camel and black). They are super classy. I feel put together when I'm wearing them became they are flat shoes (with an itty bitty heel) that are comfortable but aren't sneakers.. you know what I mean? I can wear them with literally everything. They are also perfect for  always keeping in your bag and changing into when your feel are hurting from wearing high heels.

July 12, 2018

What I think of minigrow


Yesterday, my family and I had the pleasure of trying minigrow for the very first time. 
minigrow is a healthful spin-off fast casual sensation 'honeygrow' known for noodles and greens. 

honeygrow has dozens of locations all over the US and minigrow already has three locations in NYC, one is Chicago and two other locations in Boston.

July 10, 2018

My First Bath


After discovering Mustela a few years ago I knew that if I ever had another baby I would be using this French skincare line on him/her. Since having James, I have been constantly using Mustela's lotion and cleansing gel. What I love aside from the wonderful scent and gentle products is that the brand not only caters to babies but also to mothers.

July 5, 2018

In Pajamas

top: J.Jill  |  pants: J.Jill 

I will be two weeks postpartum tomorrow (Friday) and it still blows my mind how amazing I feel. We're currently spending Fourth of July week in Maryland at our favorite resort, Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina. We like to visit this place once a year but since so much has been happening over the past few months (buying a house, buying a car and getting pregnant) we weren't able to visit until now. Also, can you believe we just celebrated our one year anniversary in our house. It's crazy how fast time flies.

June 27, 2018

Say Hello To My Little Friend


The wait is finally over! Baby James has arrived! 

I can't even begin to express my feelings towards this little human whom I just met yet feel like I've known my whole life. He is incredibly precious and I feel extremely lucky to be his mama. I don't want to give anything away since I really want to write my birth story but I will tell you this much, he is the new love of my life.

June 12, 2018

Somebody Loves You

Hello there, welcome back.
After weeks of resting (and nesting) with no content on the blog I finally feel better and have a clear mind to write/share stories with you once again.

So much has happened in these past few weeks that have really changed me. I'll start with the good news; Baby James is still hanging in there but should be arriving next week. Surprisingly the closer I get to my delivery date the better I feel. Maybe it's the excitement of finally seeing him, holding him in my arms and of course the excitement of getting back to my workout routine which I've been missing very much.

Now for the not so great news that I'm sure many of you have already heard; Anthony Michael Bourdain's passing. If you've been a reader for long then you know how much I admired Anthony Bourdain. His death hit me so hard that it basically woke me up from my uninspired-lack of confidence-staycation. It really shook me. Have you ever experienced that? It's a numbing pain where your life becomes still and you feel it stop for a few seconds.. then your head basically comes back into it's place and all your priorities and dreams are reborn again. All your blessings are a little more visible and you hold your life a little tighter.

No Reservations, The Layover, Parts Unknown.. these were the only shows my husband and I would ever watch on TV. It's insane how someone who inspired so many to travel and write stories could do such an act. Another incredible woman we lost on the same week was Katherine Noel Brosnahan, also known as Kate Spade. 

All these tragic events are a simple reminder that everyone is fighting their own battles behind close doors no matter how happy or successful they may seem. Let's all be nice, respectful and supportive towards one another. Check up on those we love even if they seem to have it all figured out. 

I wanted to write this message before getting back into the flow of things. 
Have a great day and remember somebody loves you!

May 7, 2018

Getting Perfect Hair this Spring


Who doesn't love bouncy, shiny, healthy and smelling good hair? I know I do!
 These next few products that I'm going to be sharing have done just that for me.

Hair is extremely important to me as it has become my security blanket over the years. Growing up my grandmother always washed, brushed and styled my locks. I never payed attention and she never verbally told me how much work it took to maintain hair healthy. After becoming an adult (which I refuse to believe) and years of practice I have found a few steps to keeping my hair looking and feeling it's best.

April 27, 2018

I'll Never Let Go


Yet another Friday is here. Gee, where does the time go? Next thing you know baby J will be here (in less than 2 months) and things will change forever. It's a bit crazy when you think about how fast time goes by. To think that Hazel and Jayleen were once in my belly and now their 7 and 10 years old. I know all moms feel this way and it's hard to accept that our offsprings will one day have a family and life of their own. Call me crazy but I am already thinking about how sad I am going to be when my girls go off to college and even when they marry. Yes, I know I have a few loose screws but the reality is that it's going to happen in a blink of an eye. I have become so attached to my girls that it's incredibly painful to think about them growing up.

Now with baby J soon in the picture I pray that this fear diminishes just a bit. I hear boys are crazy with their moms and if they are crazier than my girls then I will start planning my next one.

Aún otro viernes está aquí. Caramba, ¿a dónde va el tiempo? El bebé estará aquí (en menos de 2 meses) y las cosas cambiarán para siempre. Es un poco loco cuando piensas en qué tan rápido pasa el tiempo. Pensar que Hazel y Jayleen alguna vez estuvieron en mi vientre y ahora tienen 7 y 10 años. Sé que todas las madres se sienten de esta manera y no es difícil aceptar que nuestros descendientes algún día tendrán una familia y vida propia. Llámame loca, pero ya estoy pensando en lo triste que voy a ser cuando mis hijas se casen. Sí, sé que tengo algunos tornillos sueltos, pero la realidad es que va a suceder en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Me he vuelto tan apegada a mis hijas que es increíblemente doloroso pensar lo rápido que ellas crecen.

Ahora con el nuevo bebé pronto en la imagen rezo para que este miedo disminuya un poco. He oído que los hijos son locos con sus madres y si son más locos que mis hijas, entonces comenzaré a planificar mi próximo baron.

April 24, 2018

Pizza Making at Rosso NYC


West Village
118 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 242-2310

My girls love to cook and bake. They are constantly watching shows on the Cooking Channel and Food Network like Cupcake wars and their absolute favorite Netflix series which they've watched over 10 times, Zumbo's Just Desserts. So when we heard about Rossopomodoro (Rossonyc) offering kids pizza making classes we couldn't pass on the opportunity.

This service is fairly new so if you'd like to book a class or party just call the restaurant and let them know. It's super affordable and so much fun. The restaurant provides all the ingredients as well as an apron and a chef's hat. I mean, who doesn't want to be a chef for a day?

April 13, 2018

Maternity Style


dress: JC Penney  |  jacket: NYDJ  |  shoes: Christian Louboutin  |  purse: Chanel  |  sunglasses: Henri Bendel  |  watch: Armitron

Mixing hi's and low's is one of my favorite outfit combinations. 
Since I've been struggling to find cute maternity clothes during this pregnancy, I have to rely on my trusty readers to recommend shops where I can potentially find fun items that aren't the obvious maxi dresses. 

April 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Jayleen


Every passing year is bittersweet. Hazel turned 7 earlier this month and today Jayleen turns 10!! I’m really grateful for the young ladies these two are becoming but I’m also sad to see their not babies anymore. #happybirthday
Cada año que pasa es agridulce. Hazel cumplió 7 años al principio de este mes y hoy Jayleen cumple 10 años. Estoy muy agradecida por las dos señoritas que se están convirtiendo, pero también estoy triste de ver que ya no son bebés.

April 4, 2018

Getting Out of a Creative Funk


I guess you could say I've been in a creative funk lately. Waking up and doing anything at this point seems impossible. Some of it has to do with my complicated pregnancy and some with just personal issues. I honestly try to shake it off but at times it seems pointless. Nonetheless, I continue with my daily uplifting routine such as my shower ritual (read if you missed it here), breathing exercises and reading uplifting quotes. Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes that I am currently loving and always put me in a better mood.

April 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Hazel


I can't believe this little girl is already 7 years old. Where does the time go?
For her birthday I brought her over to CoolMess. This is a fun ice-cream making shop where you can also have savory meals. We went here for lunch and for dessert decided to make our own ice-cream. Our toppings were Oreo cookies, marshmallows and caramel. 

Hazel isn't the type to love sweets but when it comes to vanilla ice-cream she's all over it. I knew she would love this place. 


March 27, 2018

My Way Of Spring Cleaning


sweater: H&M  |  boots: Dr Scholls  |  bag: Etienne Aigner  |  sunglasses: Komono  |  coat: Marc Jacobs  |  earrings: Aldo  |  watch: Anne Klein

Yesterday I was feeling a little down and had major back pain from shoveling the snow last week. I know I shouldn't be doing this but I like to keep myself busy throughout the day. Anyways, Moe was really mad at me for doing so and recommended a few topics to write about on the blog that would keep me busy without having to do any lifting around the house. These were his exact words "Please don't do any heavy lifting. Use your strong mind and create something on your blog". One of his suggestions was doing a Spring cleaning post. I've seen these go around every year and they are all the same. They all talk about cleaning your house and organizing your closet. I wanted to provide something different.

March 26, 2018

I Have Big News!

Like many of you, I spend my precious hours browsing through hundreds of products online. In one site more than others, Amazon. I've been a member for 'who knows how long' and have bought kids essentials, gifts and home decor throughout the years. Just like you!

Since our recent home purchase I've been spending more and more time on Amazon. Not only are their prices unbeatable but you find everything you need in one place. 

Well, to keep this post short and simple.. I was recently contacted by Amazon. I mean, can you even believe that!? I certainly couldn't. Anyways, they basically wanted to give me my own Amazon shop. Ahh! 

I am happy to say that I have my very own Amazon shop Amazon.com/shop/nytrendymoms ( see it here ) and have earned the title of an #AmazonInfluencer. I can now share recommended items, share direct links (not third parties) to things around my house like my bathroom sink which I got many questions on, my sunglass and watch organizer and so much more.

New Brooklyn Hot Spot

One of my Spring resolutions is to spend less time on social media and have more real time encounters with inspiring women. Over the weekend I set up a nice brunch with a few women who I wanted to rub off energies with. We visited Scriptum located on 65 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249.


March 22, 2018

9 AM - 3 PM

Head to Court 16 Long Island City as they celebrate the start of Spring with exciting activities on and off the court! With food provided by our friends at Indie LIC and Berg Bites, incredible special guests, and awesome prizes, it's time for the spring season.

The inaugural Family Weekend Happening at Court 16 Long Island City is open to all families in New York City. They'll have free classes for kids and Pickleball intro sessions for parents. RSVP below for an incredible day of tennis and family fun - make sure to tell everyone you know!

March 19, 2018

La Mer


I've been on a roll when it comes to beauty posts lately and I'm really happy you are all enjoying them. Since quitting caffeine, controlling my sugar intake and no longer having any morning sickness I have been super inspired to write and shoot content for you guys. I honestly feel like celebrating since I thought the sickness would go on for the entire nine months of my pregnancy.

 You're probably super tired of hearing me say, "When you look good, you feel good" and that doesn't only apply to fashion but also beauty. There is no better feeling than waking up with beautiful skin. Being able to step out your house without a drop of makeup and getting countless compliments on your skin. Not only is this a confident booster for anyone but it also contributes to the flawless finish of any look. Hence, I'm all about new skincare products specially if their by La Mer.

March 15, 2018

Backtalk Palette from Urban Decay


Urban Decay has released a new Eye and Face Palette named after their bestselling Vice Lipstick shade, Backtalk. They were kind enough to send it over for me to share with all of you. This new palette is a two in one palette. Eight eyeshadows, two highlighters and two blushes are divided by a double sided mirror. The magnetic mirror is also removable.


The palette is full of nude-mauve, soft berry and muted rose shades, perfect for Spring. 



I recommend using the palette along with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil to create a Spring/Summery look. Specially if you like a more dramatic look since the shades on the palette are quite light. I might do a tutorial on my Youtube Channel so be sure to subscribe



Urban Decay is 100% cruelty free. This palette is Paraben free.

March 12, 2018

Beauty by POPSUGAR at Ulta


POPSUGAR released their brand new all natural makeup line called Beauty by POPSUGAR yesterday. I shared a few of my favorite products from the line on instastories and a lot of you wanted me to share more thoughts on the line. 

I've always been quite skeptical when it came to natural makeup because I've had bad experiences in the past with formulas, pigmentations and smells. I'm happy to say this line proved me wrong in all aspects. I have been excited about this launch for weeks so when POPSUGAR sent over a package filled with products I was ecstatic.

This line was created to be healthy, with smart ingredients inspired by feedback from POPSUGAR's network of 100 million beauty junkies.

About Beauty by POPSUGAR
Imagine a line of cosmetics curated by Lisa Sugar, the founder and president of the #1 independent global media brand for women, based on the feedback of a monthly audience of 100 million and Lisa’s personal passion for beauty. That’s BEAUTY BY POPSUGAR, an original makeup collection that encapsulates everything that POPSUGAR is about: Female empowerment. Kindness. (The formulas involve no animal testing, ever) and healthy living. (No icky toxins here.) POPSUGAR is already a powerful resource for women. With this new venture, POPSUGAR enables them to live a full life in fresh ways, with positivity, joy, and style. 

Let me start by talking about the beautiful clean package. I love how each box has an inspiring message when you open it. You can just tell they put a lot of love and thought into each product. Every box shares information about the product, describes how to use it and has an ingredient list. At the top of all the boxes you'll find the product shade name along with a color preview.

Products I received:

A tinted, high-power gloss with tons of shine in a nonstick formula, and just a hint of nourishing shea butter and natural oils, too. 

I love the packaging as well as the applicator. This product is so nice to have on your lips because it smells delicious and it isn't sticky on the lips. Best of all it isn't filled with toxins. I recently got this and it has already become one of my all time favorite lip glosses. This is definitely a must-have from the entire collection.

What if a matte color could nourish lips, too?
This lipstick makes it happen with color and a satin finish that's pretty and protective.

One of my instant reactions to this product was "omg, I need to carry this around all the time!". I became obsessed with the beautifully clean, lightweight crayon-like packaging. I was in love with the product even before I tried it on. I mean, the color and finish is beautiful and it feels like you're wearing nothing. This product is so easy and comfortable to wear through the day and the shade matches my everyday hue perfectly. 

For a truly healthy glow, POPSUGAR chose real ingredients: natural satin and pearlescent powders like Mica and Silica- For a natural, mermaid-worthy glow, all pressed into multi-colored compact that matches every skin shade. 

Another one of my must-have products from the collection. This color (Summer Lovin') couldn't have been more perfect for my complexion. It's subtle yet buildable and the compact has a mirror for easy on-the-go application.

A magic water that washes liquid color over lids and dries fast.

I was a little confused about product when I first opened it. The consistency is runny so you have to be careful when opening. I first tried it on my hand and it seemed nice but when I tried it on my lids I couldn't see it. I felt the shade wasn't right for me since I have very dark eyelids. I didn't want to just give up on it so I applied it under the Shimmer Putty Powder and fell in love with the color. It turnout to be a subtle metallic shade.

This sparkle-packed eye product may look dark, but it's buildable, so it can go super-sheer, high-impact, or anywhere in between. 

I love this shade for an everyday look. It's shimmery yet wearable and definitely buildable. I like it on its own but love it even more with the Liquid Metallic Eye Color underneath. 

These all natural, gold leaf infused papers are powder and fragrance free. Suitable for all skin types. 

These are perfect for a matte look. If you feel your face is too dewy or oily gently pat a single sheet anywhere there is excess oil. 

A high-impact formula with 2 brushes: thick for volume and length, thin for topline definition and bottom lash access.

Never have I ever seen such a perfect mascara for bottom lashes. It's almost impossible to smudge your bottom lashes due to the thin wand. I wasn't able to try the opposite side which is the thick wand because I currently have eyelash extension but it looks promising.

Overall I'm super impressed with this all natural cosmetics line. Congrats again to POPSUGAR on such a beautiful collection! 

You can shop the entire collection on beautybypopsugar.com or at Ulta.com and Ulta stores.


March 5, 2018

This Past Weekend


Happy Monday my wonderful readers. This past weekend was all about fun activities with the girls and spending time with family. Since I knew we had a busy weekend ahead of us, After waking up on Saturday morning I headed straight into the kitchen (while everyone was still asleep) to prepare a natural air freshener. This smell infuses my entire house with warmth and love and tends to wake up my family. While growing up I woke up to the smell of coffee every single morning and now I make coffee just to smell it. It's nostalgic and comforting. This is what I am trying to create with my daughter, a nostalgic memory. 


-orange peel
-star anise

I add water to a small pot along with the ingredients above. I let it simmer and turn it off before heading out the house. If water evaporates add more water.


After making my air freshener I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, shower and cleanse my face. I have been using AHAVA Prickly Pear & Moringa Dry Oil Body Mist after each shower which I picked up at Ulta Beauty a few weeks ago. I love body and face oils and this one has been my favorite lately. Another product I live by and have been using for years is the Enzyme Cleansing Gel by Mario Badescu. I introduced this to my husband and he loves it as well. It's extremely gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling so nice and smooth. I follow with my moisturizer. I will admit that I take quite some time in the bathroom before stepping out my house. I mean, it's the only real place to be alone without interruption. Since the silence was feeling quite nice I took advantage to also paint my nails with a color I have been obsessed with lately, Mint Candy Apple by Essie. It's such a nice Spring color that look super nice on short nails.

February 27, 2018

Miami Recap

Our family is back to it's normal schedule. The girls are back to school, my husband is back to work and I'm back to writing content for you guys. If you don't know, last week my family and I visited Miami, Florida for a few days since we thought it would be the perfect time to travel before the baby arrives. We stayed at the Grand Beach Hotel in Surfside. We loved it so much! It was such a family friendly hotel with great pools, attentive staff and it's location right on the beach. We also loved how the hotel was located only a few steps from restaurants and shops.